CASE STUDIES published on 22 May 2024

The sky’s the limit: Canadian filmmakers exploring the boundless potential of Sora

Picture a machine that can turn your weirdest imaginings into lifelike films that the whole world can watch.

That machine is real, and its name is Sora.

Ask it to show you ‘a drunk horse, dressed as a priest in high heels, running clumsily on a treadmill and laughing’, and in seconds the ridiculous, borderline blasphemous clip will appear.

AI watchers are prone to breathless prophecies of seismic change. But when it comes to Sora, the generative text-to-video platform that OpenAI unleashed this year, they’re almost certainly right.

Doubters need only marvel for a moment at this extraordinary YouTube gallery of hallucinogenic Sora creations.

As its creators, the OpenAI people are past marvelling and just interested in its future. They’ve asked creatives to dabble and report back so the next iteration can be even more astounding.

That’s how Shy Kids, a three-man indie band / film production collective from Toronto, made Air Head.

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