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Webinar on Trusted Journalism in the Age of Generative AI

The transformation of news media by generative AI is not a distant possibility – it’s happening right now. This seismic shift is changing how journalism is reported, delivered and consumed, and is predicted to reshape the entire industry. At the same time, it creates new dependencies on the tech industry that media leaders need to manage. So how can news organizations leverage AI to enhance their reporting while maintaining trust and credibility? What are the implications of AI-generated content on the public’s perception of news?

Featuring Prof. Dr. Alexandra Borchardt, lead author of the EBU News Report 2024, and Nic Newman, Senior Research Associate at Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, this webinar provides insights from two of the foremost experts in the field, as they share findings from two news reports:

Whether you are a technical expert, a journalist, or a curious learner, this webinar will provide valuable insights on the impact of AI on the news industry and discuss strategies for maintaining journalistic integrity in an age where AI is front and centre of news production – which raises the critical question, what is the role of humans in this process?

Curious to hear about the News Report 2024 from lead author Alexandra Borchardt and AI expert Ezra Eeman? Check out our latest episode of the Eurovision News Podcast hosted by Laurent Frat.


Alexandra Borchardt

Author of the 2024 News Report

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Nic Newman

Senior Research Associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University

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