GUIDES published on 01 Dec 2023

Generative AI, News and Audiences: A need-to-know-now briefing for public service media

The recent acceleration in the capabilities and availability of generative AI tools means they're likely to have a significant impact on the production and distribution of news content. The EBU has created a cross-departmental and cross-committee task force to study the topic. Initiated by the News and Digital committees, and coordinated by the AI and Data Initiative (AIDI), the EBU Task Force on Generative AI consists of representatives from the News Committee, Digital Committee and Technical Committee, together with the departments of Technology & Innovation, News, Media, and Legal & Policy, as well as expert members.

Together, the EBU Task Force on Generative AI has produced this special cross-disciplinary publication to help the public service media (PSM) journalism community understand the potential impact of this transformative technology. This paper is the task force’s first deliverable and will be followed by other publications and activities on generative AI.

The paper provides an overview of the current state of generative AI technology and of the potential implications of using it, particularly in the production and distribution of news content. Highlighting both risks and opportunities, it's intended as a concise briefing for decision-makers at PSM organizations, covering areas such as editorial workflows, journalistic credibility, misinformation, ethical issues, regulatory aspects, cybersecurity risks, evaluation and benchmarking challenges, as well as impacts on audiences and the distribution of news.

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