News Committee

The News Committee is an elected body representing the news activities of the EBU’s membership. The committee for the 2021 to 2023 term of office was elected on 24 November 2021.

The committee, which has an interdisciplinary membership, is dedicated to the EBU's objectives. It facilitates and fosters dialogue and cooperation between the news operations and staff of its Members. It develops and shares best practices, media expertise and innovation in news gathering and distribution.

The committee organizes and sets the agenda for the annual News Assembly, which offers news directors, editors-in-chief and foreign desk editors the opportunity to network and exchange views about improving coverage, reducing costs and implementing new technology. By setting the agenda for the annual gathering, the News Committee aims to help shape the future of journalism and the way in which public service media fulfil their mandate.

Voting Procedure (Members only)

Meeting Reports



Committee Members


Eric Scherer (FRTV)


Gomez-Bueno Asun (RTVE)
Eimear Lowe (RTE)
Krista Taubert (YLE)


Geertje Bal (VRT)
Madalina Radulescu-Vochin (TVR)
Morwen Williams (BBC)
Esther Bootsma (NOS)
Charlotta Friborg  (SVT)
Martin Reznicek  (CT)
Giuseppe Solinas (RAI)
Pierre-Olivier Volet (RTS)
Petra Zilken-Leitgeb (ZDF)


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Contact detail

Francesca Matera
News External Relations Manager