Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is elected during the Technical Assembly. It oversees the work of the Strategic Programmes headquartered at the EBU Technology & Innovation department.

Our Technical Committee is responsible for managing the EBU’s technical activities. The TC oversees the development of the biennial workplan and approves the creation of Strategic Programmes (also appointing their Chairs and Vice-chairs). It also approves all recommendations, positions and policies developed by the Technology & Innovation team for publication and external distribution.

Members of the Technical Committee (13 in total) are appointed by the Technical Assembly and serve a two-year term. The current Technical Committee was appointed in 2020.

Committee Members


Judy Parnall, BBC (United Kingdom)

Vice Chairs

Olli Sipilä, YLE (Finland)
Michael Eberhard, ARD/SWR (Germany)


Gino Alberico, RAI (Italy)
Kazimir Bacic, HRT (Croatia)
Per Björkman, SVT (Sweden)
Frédéric Brochard, FTV (France)​
Galina Fedorova, RTR (Russia)
Karl Petermichl, ORF (Austria)
Thomas Saner, SRG SSR (Switzerland)
Michael Nugent, ERT (Greece)
Sinan Soyturk, TRT (Turkey)​
Brian Wynne, RTÉ (Ireland)

Contact detail

Françoise Davies
Executive Assistant