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Eurovision ACADEMY Assembly

Orchestrating change, public service broadcasters in the 21st century

EBU International Training plenary meeting held under the chairmanship of Mr Wiio (YLE). Jean-Noël Dibie opened the proceedings on behalf of France Télévision, underlining the importance of change for public service broadcasters.

Jean Stock welcomed all participants on behalf of the EBU and presented the task in hand, the public service’s new mission: the established principles of continuity and diversity must be supplemented by innovation, solidarity and of course training for the men and women working there.

Monday was devoted to the definition and implementation of a strategy for change within a broadcasting organization, with reference to the case of RTE Ireland as presented by Eugene Murray and Liam Miller.

The work in the plenary session, followed by group discussions, enabled delegates to identify the essential stages in a process of change. The participants, from 24 countries and all professionals in training and development, thus gained a practical understanding of the stakes involved in a global policy for transforming a public service broadcaster.

2004–2006 strategy

The second day was devoted to the EBU’s work in international training. Vladimir Fessik (RTR) and Kaat Desmet (VRT) initiated the proceedings by describing their recent experiences in the area of training.

The whole international training team, led by Michel Poncet, then presented the new strategy for 2004-2006, based on three principles:

  • training that is relevant to the market,
  • programmes that are unique and always new,
  • an offer that is more visible.
  • This strategy derives directly from EBU international training’s vision for all EBU members : to see the emergence of a new generation of public service broadcasting.

The role of EBU international training is to serve as the catalyst for this emergence, notably by enhancing the diversity and quality of the products on offer.


European Parliament, Strasbourg, France

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