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Network & Learn on Visual Radio


Following up on last year's highly-succesful edition, the 2013 New Radio Group's annual plenary event, the New Radio Day, will take place in October 17 in Prague. The purpose of the Group is to develop insights as to how new formats, technologies and distribution concepts may or should determine the future of Radio, both as a public service and a source of revenues.

The event is open to all EBU Members.




The progress in Digital Radio

  • Scattered Europe - overview on the current digital radio market
  • Why digital radio is successful at present and has a bright future - a positive show-case
  • Why digital radio is succesful at present and has a bright future: a positive showcase
  • DAB marketing campaigns - best-practice examples from Germany and Norway
  • Current digital radio: a look at the French situation
  • DAB+ and Swiss Timing
  • File collector, geo-references, targeted advertising - DAB+ is more than better sound and slide-shows

New trends, the technical approach

  • Regional / local DAB+ radio, a chance for smaller stations?
  • Swiss timing: visual radio sports showcase
  • File collector, geo-references, targeted advertising: DAB+ is more than better sound and slide shows

It's multimedia, stupid!

  • Czech radio, the multimedia broadcaster
  • Perceptive radio:a new BBC approach to online radio
  • Growing the audience: how on-demand radio and podcast add to the range of Danish Radio

New Blood

  • Round-Table: Is Radio still sexy to work for?

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"The future of Radio is Digital Radio"

Euroradio Services are promoting the Euro-Chip concept campaign as part of a digital radio strategy. This concept includes the demand for both analogue and digital standards in radio devices. Car radios should be able to receive digital radio broadcasting free-to-air, as well as every smartphone and tablet computer. Euroradio encourages programme ideas to combine the livebroadcast signal with the vast opportunities of broadband-based Internet services.

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Euroradio does not make hotel reservations.

List of recommended hotels kindly sent by our colleagues from Czech Radio:


Café Louvre (Gallery – 1st floor / Národní 22 Praha 1 / CZ), Prague

Contact de l'événement

Christian Vogg, Head of Radio
EBU Media Department
T: +41 22 727 2601

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Network & Learn on Visual Radio
18 October 2013, Czech Radio, Prague
Organized in collaboration with Eurovision ACADEMY

"Will the video save the Radio star?"
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