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40th Euroradio International Features Conference


The IFC has always been characterized by a willingness to face the challenges of change. This is the secret of its survival for forty years. The Conference in Leipzig will be an opportunity to grapple with change and seek a new beginning.

How do you “grab” an audience with a great opening? How can Radio tell the history of the world in 100 objects? How about a “jam session” where participants bring and play their favourite selections?

From its modest beginnings back in 1974, the International Feature Conference (IFC) has grown to become an absolute must for features producers from all over Europe to air, hear and discuss selected programming on a wide variety of subjects.

The 2013 Conference in Bergen (Norway) was attended by over 100 delegates from 21 EBU Radio Members. Participants were also able to attend workshops and hear presentations on such cutting-edge topics as hard-hitting investigative journalism and how sounds and noises affect our everyday lives.

The IFC is organized by the Euroradio Features Group, which serves as a forum for discussing, promoting and exchanging experiences in the making of radio documentaries.

The 40th Euroradio International Features Conference (IFC) will take place in Leipzig. This year's programme will be dedicated to the challenges implicit in tri-medial production.

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