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Polis Journalism Conference

Reporting elections will be the theme of the 2015 Polis Journalism Conference. It is produced as a partnership between Eurovision Media Online, the BBC and Polis, the journalism think tank of the London School of Economics.

The event is free and open to all.

The 2014 Polis Journalism Conference was a massive success, with more than one thousand people attending the sessions and networking.  

What we will cover

Covering elections is one of the toughest challenge for broadcasters. The role of public service media (PSM) is to provide citizens with the information, data and context they need to make informed choices.

PSM must do this while maintaining objectivity, impartiality and balance in their coverage. Journalists have an obligation not only to scrutinize politicians, but also to provide their audiences with the widest possible diversity of voices and political opinions to ensure ample and all-inclusive coverage.

Nowadays PSM need to engage with prospective voters on social networks to give them an opportunity to take part in the election debate. They do this not only to provide citizens with a voice, but also to stay relevant and to reach audiences who no longer consume traditional radio or television.

The Polis Journalism Conference will deal with all of these issues and others, including:

  • Making predictions
  • Covering elections online and on social media
  • Media debates
  • Campaign fact checking
  • The political interview

Journalism Fellowship

We are once again partnering with London School of Economic's think tank Polis to offer EBU Members a prestigious online journalism research fellowship in London. We are offering the fellowship on a competitive basis. More information can be found on the Journalism Fellowship page.