19th Sports Assembly

Sports broadcasting executives are invited to join the 19th Sports Assembly in Reykjavik, which will feature a debate on future sports strategy, work on the revision of the sports rights acquisition rule, and the discussions on developing our digital services.

On a more fun note, invited by our member RUV, Members will have the opportunity to get to the football stadium for the match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, Iceland Vs Finland.


 Winter & Indoor Sports - Ingo Hannesson & Beatriz Pastor Y Puga  Membres seulement
 Football - Pascal Fratellia  Membres seulement
 Summer Sports - Julien Ternisien & Garret Phelan  Membres seulement


Adresse: Icelandair Natura Hotel - Reykjavik


Membres seulement


Yolène Johanny
Assistante News