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14 févr. 2018
Digital Radio 2018 Connectés seulement
A yearly progress report of the roll-out of digital terrestrial radio in European markets, including country-by-country analysis and a look at future trends
08 févr. 2018
PSM's Competitive Environment Membres seulement
This report analyses and provides insights into the activities and business models of the biggest commercial media groups operating in Europe. By comparing their financial results, degree of internationalisation and investment in audiovisual content, the report gives a wider perspective of where European PSM stand among these larger, highly diversified international players.
02 févr. 2018
Noel Curran Keynote at Production Technology Seminar 2018 
I'm delighted to be here today and I also want to commend Simon Fell and wish him well on his future ventures and thank him sincerely for everything he is delivered to the EBU. I'm also delighted in terms...
23 janv. 2018
Modelling Core Business Objects and Processes in Digital Media Enterprises 

This report presents a value chain model of business objects and the cycle of business processes in digital media enterprises. The scope of the model is end to end, representing all value adding activities by media enterprises and their consumers.

23 janv. 2018
Joint statement to EU institutions on interoperability of radio sets 
The EBU, EDRA and WorldDAB ask the EU Insititutions to introduce specific provisions to promote the interoperability of radio reception devices in the final text of the EU Electornic Communications Code.
22 déc. 2017
US Media Conglomerates Membres seulement
Provides key benchmark data and company profiles of six US conglomerates which control a significant part of the US media market, and also play a strong and steadily increasing role in European media markets.
21 déc. 2017
An EBU Initial Guide to High Dynamic Range Restreint

High Dynamic Range (HDR) can make major difference to image quality. This EBU guide is meant to help EBU Members find their way in the concepts and standards that form the basis of the current HDR technology.

19 déc. 2017
Noel Curran Address to Internet Governance Forum 2017 
I’m delighted to be here. I think I'm going to stick to talking around media issues obviously. I have difficulty with the term fake news. I think it's just been used by so many people in so many different...
19 déc. 2017
Principes relatifs à la mission des médias de service public à l'ère du numérique 
Publication de l'UER consacrée aux principes relatifs à la mission des médias de service public (MSP) à l'ère numérique
18 déc. 2017
Principes du financement public des MSP 
Publication de l'UER consacrée aux principes du financement public des médias de service public (MSP)
14 déc. 2017
Advertising Trends Membres seulement
An in-depth analysis of developments and trends in the advertising market and how they impact media industry funding in general and PSM funding in particular.
07 déc. 2017
Contestable Funding for Public Service Content Membres seulement
An analysis of the evolution of the contestable funding mechanisms for delivery of public service media content in New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
06 déc. 2017
Funding of Public Service Media 2017 Membres seulement
This study offers an accurate and comprehensive picture of the financial situation of our Members, providing valuable data and arguments for their advocacy activities. In addition, thanks to the in-depth analysis carried out, the report highlights the impact of current economic challenges and changes to funding mechanisms in different markets.
06 déc. 2017
Funding of Public Service Media 2017 (Public Version) Connectés seulement
This publication provides the main findings and a selection of charts and maps from the report Funding of Public Service Media 2017.
06 déc. 2017
Funding of Public Service Media (Infographic) Connectés seulement
Discover the value European public service media deliver to the citizens despite the challenge of diminishing financial resources and increasing competition
06 déc. 2017
PSM Contribution to Society: 2017 report Membres seulement
Discover how EBU Members used the C2S framework and what they learnt. Review our activities and find out how your organisation can benefit from EBU’s support in 2018.
06 déc. 2017
Euroradio Music Exchange at 50: Looking back, looking forward Membres seulement
For the last fifty years, the EBU Music Exchange has opened the world of music experience to millions of listeners around Europe and beyond. From its modest beginnings with a seven-concert series, the Exchange has expanded to embrace more countries and all musical genres. Now the annual offer comprises around 3000 concerts, enriching listeners’ lives with the world’s greatest music, featuring leading performers and venues. In short, the Music Exchange opens new horizons.
05 déc. 2017
Learning from Public Service Media in Transformation Membres seulement
This report is the first milestone on the roadmap of the EBU Digital Transformation Initiative, to help Members understand and implement the process of restructuring and transforming.
04 déc. 2017
IP production & ST 2110: it's elementary! 

The December 2017 issue of EBU tech-i magazine includes an overview of the new SMPTE ST 2110 standard, another significant milestone on the road to fully IP-based production, along with an update on how Switzerland's SRF is taking on the IP orchestration challenge.

28 nov. 2017
Fairness in Platform-to-Business Relations 
The EBU has provided its preliminary views in response to the European Commission's Inception Impact Assessment on fairness in platform-to-business relations.