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07 déc. 2017
Contestable Funding for Public Service Content Membres seulement
An analysis of the evolution of the contestable funding mechanisms for delivery of public service media content in New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
06 déc. 2017
Funding of Public Service Media 2017 Membres seulement
This study offers an accurate and comprehensive picture of the financial situation of our Members, providing valuable data and arguments for their advocacy activities. In addition, thanks to the in-depth analysis carried out, the report highlights the impact of current economic challenges and changes to funding mechanisms in different markets.
06 déc. 2017
Funding of Public Service Media 2017 (Public Version) Connectés seulement
This publication provides the main findings and a selection of charts and maps from the report Funding of Public Service Media 2017.
06 déc. 2017
Funding of Public Service Media (Infographic) Connectés seulement
Discover the value European public service media deliver to the citizens despite the challenge of diminishing financial resources and increasing competition
06 déc. 2017
PSM Contribution to Society: 2017 report Membres seulement
Discover how EBU Members used the C2S framework and what they learnt. Review our activities and find out how your organisation can benefit from EBU’s support in 2018.
06 déc. 2017
Euroradio Music Exchange at 50: Looking back, looking forward Membres seulement
For the last fifty years, the EBU Music Exchange has opened the world of music experience to millions of listeners around Europe and beyond. From its modest beginnings with a seven-concert series, the Exchange has expanded to embrace more countries and all musical genres. Now the annual offer comprises around 3000 concerts, enriching listeners’ lives with the world’s greatest music, featuring leading performers and venues. In short, the Music Exchange opens new horizons.
05 déc. 2017
Learning from Public Service Media in Transformation Membres seulement
This report is the first milestone on the roadmap of the EBU Digital Transformation Initiative, to help Members understand and implement the process of restructuring and transforming.
04 déc. 2017
IP production & ST 2110: it's elementary! 

The December 2017 issue of EBU tech-i magazine includes an overview of the new SMPTE ST 2110 standard, another significant milestone on the road to fully IP-based production, along with an update on how Switzerland's SRF is taking on the IP orchestration challenge.

28 nov. 2017
Fairness in Platform-to-Business Relations 
The EBU has provided its preliminary views in response to the European Commission's Inception Impact Assessment on fairness in platform-to-business relations.
17 nov. 2017
Modelling Core Business Objects and Processes in Digital Media Enterprises 

This report presents a value chain model of business objects and the cycle of business processes in digital media enterprises. The scope of the model is end to end, representing all value adding activities by media enterprises and their consumers.

16 nov. 2017
PSM Barometer 2017 Membres seulement
Presents a snapshot of the performance of public service media organizations across Europe against a selection of key indicators, using data provided by Members via the Media Intelligence Survey 2017
15 nov. 2017
Opening Remarks at News Xchange 2017 
Check against delivery. I am delighted to be here today to open News Xchange 2017. I’m pleased that the EBU can bring such a diversity of executives, journalists, presenters, and technologists together....
15 nov. 2017
Activity Report 2016-2017: News Membres seulement
This past news year has been dominated by Donald Trump’s coming to power and his Twitter-based presidency with constant accusations against mainstream media journalists of providing fake coverage. On the...
07 nov. 2017
Digital Radio Deployment in Europe 

This recommendation concerns the deployment of digital radio in Europe. Key words are DAB, DAB+, DRM and RadioDNS. The document also mentions broadband, linear and non-linear distribution, and the use of Band III VHF.  

02 nov. 2017
The Future of Audience Measurement: Key Challenges Connectés seulement
This document aims to explain, in non-technical language, the key challenges that EBU Members’ audience researchers and data analysts are facing, or are likely to face in the future with regard to the increasing complexity of audience measurement. It also provides guidance for top management to mitigate challenges and explore data to its full potential.
30 oct. 2017
EBU-TT-D Subtitling Distribution Format 

This specifies an XML based format for the distribution of subtitles over IP-based networks. It includes two additional features defined in W3C IMSC v1.0.1 and improves compatibility with other profiles of TTML by clarifying the required processor behaviour in the presence of unrecognised attributes.

12 oct. 2017
Register of CNI and VPS codesTV Systems 

This is an extract of ETSI TS 101 231 where code registrations for the PDC and VPS systems are maintained and updated. New codes can be requested HERE. The full TS 101 231 document is available free of charge on the ETSI website.  

11 oct. 2017
Licence Fee 2017 Membres seulement
This annual publication provides a comprehensive and international perspective on the topic of licence fee, which remains the main source of funding for public service media organizations and is therefore a crucial issue for most PSM in Europe. The report covers the latest developments across Europe, and provides updated information on licence fee amounts, redistribution of funds, collection systems, basis for collection, exemptions and evasion rates.