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11 oct. 2017
Licence Fee 2017 Membres seulement
This annual publication provides a comprehensive and international perspective on the topic of licence fee, which remains the main source of funding for public service media organizations and is therefore a crucial issue for most PSM in Europe. The report covers the latest developments across Europe, and provides updated information on licence fee amounts, redistribution of funds, collection systems, basis for collection, exemptions and evasion rates.
11 oct. 2017
Licence Fee 2017 (Public Version) Connectés seulement
Provides the main findings and a selection of charts and maps from the report Licence Fee 2017
11 oct. 2017
Licence Fee (Infographic) Connectés seulement
Find out why the licence fee is still the most stable, transparent and adaptable way to fund public service media, and how it delivers value for money for European citizens
10 oct. 2017
Activity Report 2016-2017: EBU Academy 
This report details the activities and achievements of our EBU Academy services over the last year. Our EBU Academy team is here fo support the EBU's strategy by delivering the most relevant courses for Members' professionals.
05 oct. 2017
Perfect Storm: The multiple challenges facing public service news and why tackling them is vital for democracy Connectés seulement
Second edition News and current affairs are core to public service media (PSM). Informing all audiences with independent news and helping them to better understand the world is crucial for a democratic...
27 sept. 2017
Media Consumption Trends 2017 Membres seulement
The Media Consumption Trends report puts « traditional » TV and radio into the wider context of media consumption, exploring what type of video and audio content is being watched and listened to, and on which platforms and devices.
01 sept. 2017
Public Service Media and the Power of Drama Connectés seulement
Drama has always been an essential genre for public service media (PSM). However, in recent years drama has proved to be a difficult genre for us in terms of cooperation.
31 août 2017
Telecoms Framework 
The way electronic communications networks and services are regulated at EU level directly impacts the availability and technical quality of media services.
25 juil. 2017
La communauté UER en chiffres Connectés seulement
Une présentation des chiffres clés à propos de nos membres et leurs services
25 juil. 2017
Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Audience Highlights Connectés seulement
An infographic giving an overview of TV, online and social media audience statistics for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest