VIDEO TALKS publié le 27 mai 2022

Connecting content and distribution strategies

There are so many ways audiences are experiencing PSM brands, it can be via linear, on your players, website, apps, social media, and many other platforms. This is a delicate dance that Public Service Media (PSM) has to work through: all the different touchpoints have to work well, you have to make sure that the audience in the right state of mind to receive your content, and they need to be able to find the content they’re looking for as well as discover content they didn’t know they wanted. For that to happen, you need personalization and curation. With all the ways audiences are experiencing your content, the most important is that they know this belongs to PSM.


Moderated by Grace Zakka (EBU Media)
Andreas Böhmer (ARD)
Aoife Byrne (RTÉ)
Petr Dvořk (Czech Television)

Événement: Sommet Médias 2022