Accueil Événements 18th Eurovision Academy Assembly

18th Eurovision Academy Assembly

Our annual networking assembly provides the opportunity to tackle issues surround the development of media professionals. From professionals to CEOs, all levels of a media organization share responsibility in developing the skills of staff. Acquiring new expertise and gaining confidence to explore new territories are necessary in staying relevant in the media industry.

The 2017 EBU Academy Assembly will explore how innovation can drive the digital transformation of public service media.

PSM are under critical pressure to adapt: constraints on public funding, adapting to new ways of consuming content, new expectations from the public and the challenges of new technology. The only way forward is innovation to create a new public service with new media content.

The Assembly will tackle the following issues:

Why PSM innovation matters

Innovation affects various sectors: shaping new types of organizations, managing, communicating, and of course producing new programmes and new content.

  • How does innovation fit into the public service remit?
  • Can we innovate in the public service model, through new content, new consumption platforms and new experiences for our audiences?

Make innovation effective: select the right process with the right teams

We will examine the innovation process: the methods, tools and skills needed.

  • How innovation is organized and systematized: do we create dedicated units, teams catalysing innovation or is innovation everyone’s responsibility and so should be a part of everyone’s job?
  • What are the best scenario and valuable roles for accelerating change?
  • How can innovation be made more effective? We will dive into design thinking and how it offers a good framework.
  • How can lean and agile management transform our organizations?

Innovation and news

Some Members have innovated their news service using gamification and new apps.
Faculty member Kevin Anderson will also present his recent report on Beyond the Article, Frontiers of Editorial and Commercial Innovation: “To create the space for innovation and the opportunity for growth, companies of every scale and at every stage from start-up to storied legacy media must decide not only what to do, but also what they will stop doing so that they can focus on editorial and commercial innovation – not simply for the sake of doing something new but to achieve their journalistic mission and their editorial ambitions in a constantly changing media environment.”

Who it's for

  • Talent and development managers
  • Chief learning officers
  • Heads of international relations and human resources
  • Strategy and change managers


  • Address key public service media issues through presentations and case studies
  • Inspire managers with thorough and focused debates
  • Identify best practices and ideas (format and content) in the media training and development sector
  • Introduce strategic issues for the years to come and future EBU Academy programmes
  • Identify EBU Members' training and development needs
  • Provide a sustainable professional networking platform for the EBU community of people in charge of training and development

Keynote speakers


Professor Jeremy Myerson, Royal College of Art

Jeremy Myerson is the first-ever holder of the Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design, with a remit to encourage 'design that improves quality of life'. An academic, author and activist in design for more than 35 years, he began his working life as a journalist and was founder-editor of Design Week in 1986. He co-founded the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the RCA in 1999, and his research interests focus on the role of design in social, demographic and technological change. He was Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design from 1999 to October 2015.

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Kevin Anderson, International media and communications consultant, Ship's Wheel Media

Journalism leader and innovator with extensive experience with local and global news organisations including the BBC, The Guardian and Gannett

Kevin brings extensive newsroom experience with the BBC, The Guardian and Gannett, including more than five years of management and leadership experience. He currently is the founder and principal of Ship’s Wheel Media, a full-service consultancy providing training, consulting and content services for clients around the world. His clients have included WAN-IFRA, YLE in Finland and the EBU Academy, the training division of the European Broadcasting Union.

Content outline

Day1: from 08.30 to 18.00 - Innovation in practice

  • Session 1: Keynote: Design thinking, a framework for innovation by Prefessor Jeremy Myerson, Royal College of Art
  • Session 2: Design thinking in action
    Tomas Granryd, SR, Klara Vatn, NRK, Adrian Zaugg, SRG SSR, will tell us how, they, as public broadcasters have used design thinking to innovate
  • Session 3: Trying design thinking yourself! Ideation, prototyping, divergent-convergent thinking; time to play with all these tools!
  • Session 4: The learning afternoon: Get inspired

Day 1 evening: dinner

Day 2: from 09.00 to 14.30 (including lunch) - Innovate, the way forward

  • Session 5: Keynote: Beyond the article, frontiers of editorial and commercial innovation by Kevin Anderson
  • Session 6: CEO's challenges to implement innovation 
  • Session 7: Innovations/predictions that are going to impact your job


Radisson Blu Royal Astorija
Didzioji 35/2
LT-01128 Vilnius
Tel: +370 5 2120110


All participants are responsible for their own accommodation during the Assembly. A block booking has been made at the following hotels:

Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Vilnius
To book your hotel room, please complete the booking form
Booking deadline: 1 September 2017

Ramada Hotel & Suites Vilnius
To book your hotel room, please complete the booking form
Booking deadline: 4 September 2017



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  • DAY 1
  • Opening speech - Arnas Zuikis, Chief technology officer, LRT Membres seulement
  • Keynote 1: Design thinking, a framework for innovation - Jeremy Myerson, Professor, Royal College of Art (RCA), United Kingdom Membres seulement

  • Design Thinking in practice - Ezra Eeman, Head of Digital, EBU Media Department, Switzerland Membres seulement
  • Fostering Strategic Transformation - Adrian Zaugg, Head of Corporate Strategy, SRG, Switzerland Membres seulement
  • Design Thinking in action - Jeremy Myerson, Professor, Royal College of Art (RCA), United Kingdom Membres seulement

  • Digital innovation, the way forward for public broadcasters - Hélène Rauby-Matta, Business Development Manager, EBU Academy, and Hans Hoffmann, Senior Manager of Media Fundamentals & Production, EBU Technology & Innovation, Switzerland Membres seulement
  • Yle plus - Gamification - Ville Juutilainen, Journalist, Yle, Finland Membres seulement
  • Nouvo News - Amélie Boguet, Chief video producer, RTS, Switzerland Membres seulement
  • Viral media, how to reach a larger audience - Brendan Miller, EBU Academy faculty member, United Kingdom Membres seulement
  • Semantic data and sport - Jean-Pierre Evain, Principal Project Manager, EBU Technology & Innovation, Switzerland Membres seulement
  • Skills blog - Christina Johannesson, Head of Future Competence SVT, Sweden Membres seulement
  • RUV Academy - Thora Margret Pálsdóttir, Head of Human Resources, RUV, Iceland Membres seulement
  • LRT Academy - Jolanta Tarasevičienė, Head of International Relations, LRT, Lithuania Membres seulement
  • Terrorism and security for news teams - Caroline Neil, EBU Academy faculty member (UK) Membres seulement
  • DAY 2
  • Keynote 2: Beyond the article, frontiers of editorial and commercial innovation - Kevin Anderson, international media consultant, Ship’s Wheel Media and EBU Academy faculty member, USA Membres seulement

  • Yle CEO challenges to implement innovation - Lauri Kivinen, Director General and CEO, Yle, Finland Membres seulement
  • Radio Bremen CEO challenges to implement Innovation - Jan Metzger, Intendant, RB, Germany Membres seulement

  • Enterprise architecture - Pieter-Jan Rombaut, Enterprise Architect, VRT, Belgium Membres seulement
  • Why Big Data must be on every PSM's media education plan - Pierre-Nicolas Schwab, Big-Data Manager, RTBF, Belgium