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18th EBU Academy Assembly

Innovation to drive the digital transformation of public service media

Academy Assembly explored how PSM can target innovation by design

Keep innovating. Be first. Be quick.

These were the words of LRT’s chief technology officer, Arnas Zuikis, who delivered the opening remarks at the 18th EBU Academy Assembly in Vilnius on 5-6 October. The theme of the event, hosted by the Lithuanian broadcaster, was how innovation can drive the digital transformation of public service media. The event brought together almost 80 participants from 26 countries.

The programme offered a stimulating mix of practical examples of innovative projects from around the EBU Membership, alongside theoretical frameworks and innovation approaches. The opening keynote from Jeremy Myerson of the Royal College of Art provided one such framework, explaining how Design Thinking can act as a bridge between creativity and innovation. For PSM organizations, Design Thinking in practice usually means starting from an audience-centric perspective.

Culture of innovation

Another strong theme to emerge was the importance of creating an innovation culture within an organization. Director General of Yle, Lauri Kivinen, stressed the importance of ensuring staff have meaningful jobs, working according to a common vision built on transparency and collaboration. “It’s not always about resources,” he said, “it’s about smart solutions and thinking in a new way.”

The chair of the EBA Academy Committee, RTBF’s Frédéric Olivier, said that the Assembly demonstrated clearly the urgent need to invest in the people who work for PSM organizations. He said that Learning and Development managers “need to understand the vision and the needs, where are companies going to, and how we can translate the needs into training programmes which are really relevant.”

Content outline

Day1: Innovation in practice

  • Keynote 1: Design thinking, a framework for innovation by Professor Jeremy Myerson, Royal College of Art, London
  • Session 1: Design thinking in application
  • Session 2: Trying design thinking yourself! Ideation, prototyping, divergent-convergent thinking
  • Session 3: The learning afternoon

Day 2: Innovate, the way forward

  • Keynote 2: Beyond the article, frontiers of editorial and commercial innovation by Kevin Anderson
  • Session 4: CEO challenges to implement innovation
  • Session 5: Three innovations/predictions that are going to impact your job
    • VRT: Entreprise architecture
    • RTBF: Big Data
    • BBC Three: Start-up mode - From innovation team to innovative content

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  • DAY 1
  • Opening speech - Arnas Zuikis, Chief technology officer, LRTMembers Only
  • Keynote 1: Design thinking, a framework for innovation - Jeremy Myerson, Professor, Royal College of Art (RCA), United KingdomMembers Only

  • Design Thinking in practice - Ezra Eeman, Head of Digital, EBU Media Department, SwitzerlandMembers Only
  • Fostering Strategic Transformation - Adrian Zaugg, Head of Corporate Strategy, SRG, SwitzerlandMembers Only
  • Design Thinking in action - Jeremy Myerson, Professor, Royal College of Art (RCA), United KingdomMembers Only

  • Digital innovation, the way forward for public broadcasters - Hélène Rauby-Matta, Business Development Manager, EBU Academy, and Hans Hoffmann, Senior Manager of Media Fundamentals & Production, EBU Technology & Innovation, SwitzerlandMembers Only
  • Yle plus - Gamification - Ville Juutilainen, Journalist, Yle, FinlandMembers Only
  • Nouvo News - Amélie Boguet, Chief video producer, RTS, SwitzerlandMembers Only
  • Viral media, how to reach a larger audience - Brendan Miller, EBU Academy faculty member, United KingdomMembers Only
  • Semantic data and sport - Jean-Pierre Evain, Principal Project Manager, EBU Technology & Innovation, SwitzerlandMembers Only
  • Skills blog - Christina Johannesson, Head of Future Competence SVT, SwedenMembers Only
  • RUV Academy - Thora Margret Pálsdóttir, Head of Human Resources, RUV, IcelandMembers Only
  • LRT Academy - Jolanta Tarasevičienė, Head of International Relations, LRT, LithuaniaMembers Only
  • Terrorism and security for news teams - Caroline Neil, EBU Academy faculty member (UK)Members Only
  • DAY 2
  • Keynote 2: Beyond the article, frontiers of editorial and commercial innovation - Kevin Anderson, international media consultant, Ship’s Wheel Media and EBU Academy faculty member, USAMembers Only

  • Yle CEO challenges to implement innovation - Lauri Kivinen, Director General and CEO, Yle, FinlandMembers Only
  • Radio Bremen CEO challenges to implement Innovation - Jan Metzger, Intendant, RB, GermanyMembers Only

  • Enterprise architecture - Pieter-Jan Rombaut, Enterprise Architect, VRT, BelgiumMembers Only
  • Why Big Data must be on every PSM's media education plan - Pierre-Nicolas Schwab, Big-Data Manager, RTBF, Belgium