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18th EBU Academy Assembly

Our annual networking assembly provides the opportunity to tackle issues surround the development of media professionals. From professionals to CEOs, all levels of a media organization share responsibility in developing the skills of staff. Acquiring new expertise and gaining confidence to explore new territories are necessary in staying relevant in the media industry.

The 2017 EBU Academy Assembly will explore how innovation can drive the digital transformation of public service media.

PSM are under critical pressure to adapt: constraints on public funding, adapting to new ways of consuming content, new expectations from the public and the challenges of new technology. The only way forward is innovation to create a new public service with new media content.

The Assembly will tackle the following issues:

Why PSM innovation matters

Innovation affects various sectors: shaping new types of organizations, managing, communicating, and of course producing new programmes and new content.

  • How does innovation fit into the public service remit?
  • Can we innovate in the public service model, through new content, new consumption platforms and new experiences for our audiences?

Make innovation effective: select the right process with the right teams

We will examine the innovation process: the methods, tools and skills needed.

  • How innovation is organized and systematized: do we create dedicated units, teams catalysing innovation or is innovation everyone’s responsibility and so should be a part of everyone’s job?
  • What are the best scenario and valuable roles for accelerating change?
  • How can innovation be made more effective? We will dive into design thinking and how it offers a good framework.
  • How can lean and agile management transform our organizations?

Innovation and news

Some Members have innovated their news service using gamification and new apps.
Faculty member Kevin Anderson will also present his recent report on Beyond the Article, Frontiers of Editorial and Commercial Innovation: “To create the space for innovation and the opportunity for growth, companies of every scale and at every stage from start-up to storied legacy media must decide not only what to do, but also what they will stop doing so that they can focus on editorial and commercial innovation – not simply for the sake of doing something new but to achieve their journalistic mission and their editorial ambitions in a constantly changing media environment.”

Who it's for

  • Talent and development managers
  • Chief learning officers
  • Heads of international relations and human resources
  • Strategy and change managers


  • Address key public service media issues through presentations and case studies
  • Inspire managers with thorough and focused debates
  • Identify best practices and ideas (format and content) in the media training and development sector
  • Introduce strategic issues for the years to come and future EBU Academy programmes
  • Identify EBU Members' training and development needs
  • Provide a sustainable professional networking platform for the EBU community of people in charge of training and development

Content outline

Day1: from 8.30 to 18.00 - Innovation in practice

  • Keynote 1: Design thinking, a framework for innovation by Professor Jeremy Myerson, Royal College of Art, London
  • Session 1: Design thinking in application
  • Session 2: Trying design thinking yourself! Ideation, prototyping, divergent-convergent thinking
  • Session 3: The learning afternoon

Day 1 evening: dinner

Day 2: from 9.00 to 14.30 (including lunch) - Innovate, the way forward

  • Keynote 2: Beyond the article, frontiers of editorial and commercial innovation by Kevin Anderson
  • Session 4: CEO challenges to implement innovation
  • Session 5: Three innovations/predictions that are going to impact your job
    • VRT: Entreprise architecture
    • RTBF: Big Data
    • BBC Three: Start-up mode - From innovation team to innovative content




Anne Morrison, Chair, International Committee, British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)

Anne Morrison is Chair of BAFTA’s International Committee and formerly Chair of BAFTA from 2014 to 2016, the second woman to hold the position in its 70 year history. As a non-executive Director, she is Chair of Pearson College London’s Governing Body, on the Board of Women in Film and Television, a Board member of London and Partners, a Trustee of the Charleston Trust and a Trustee of Watersprite Student Film Festival. She is a Patron of Medical Aid Films. Formerly she was a Governor of the University of the Arts London and Chair of Creative Skillset’s TV Committee.


Day 1 morning: Design Thinking

Keynote 1


Professor Jeremy Myerson, Royal College of Art (RCA), London

Jeremy Myerson is the first-ever holder of the Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design, with a remit to encourage 'design that improves quality of life'. An academic, author and activist in design for more than 35 years, he began his working life as a journalist and was founder-editor of Design Week in 1986. He co-founded the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the RCA in 1999, and his research interests focus on the role of design in social, demographic and technological change. He was Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design from 1999 to October 2015. Read more

Design thinking in action


Tomas Granryd, Head of Innovation, Channel Manager P3, Swedish Radio

Tomas has been head of Innovation Teams at Swedish Radio since 2015. Before that, Tomas was programme director at Radio Stockholm, editor of P5 Stockholm and world analyst, editor and channel manager of P3 Stockholm.


Ezra Eeman, Digital Change Manager, EBU Media Department

Eeman joined the EBU in February 2017. He works closely together with EBU Members who have a digital first strategy and with key digital actors in the industry to exchange experience and to inspire other members. He is responsible for leading the digital shift and for all initiatives undertaken by the digital unit as well as for steering change and innovation throughout the Media Department and EBU in general.

Ezra Eeman comes to the EBU from Flemish Member VRT where he was head of VRT Start-Up, a digital innovation lab founded in mid-2013 to figure out new digital concepts and formats. He was also responsible for Open VRT, an online community for creatives in Flanders, from bloggers to media artists & photographers which acts as a showcase for young talent encouraging collaboration with Public Service Media. Previously, Eeman worked as a journalist and documentary filmmaker at both VRT and the commercial broadcaster in Flanders, where he was also head of current affairs programmes.


Adrian Zaugg, Head of Corporate Strategy, SRG SSR

Adrian has been working as the Head of Corporate Strategy at the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG since 2011. In this position, Adrian is not only responsible for the development of the business strategy, but also for innovation management within the SRG as well as for issues such as sustainability, start-up screening or trend scouting.

Day 1: The learning afternoon

Workshop 1: Digital innovation, the only way forward for public broadcasters

Helene-Rauby-Matta   Helene Rauby Matta, Business Development Manager, EBU Academy

Hélène joined the EBU in 2000. As a Business Development Manager for EBU Academy, she contributes to the creation and delivery of educational programmes for the media professionals.

Focusing mostly on the “News” and “Digital culture & technologies” domains, her job consists of monitoring trends and developments, both on the editorial and technology side, identifying skill gaps and needs and developing, together with internal or external partners, training programmes to meet these needs. The use of social media by broadcasters, data journalism, cross-media newsroom editorial organization and workflows, cross-media production, networked media infrastructures and the impact & opportunities of big data for broadcasters are some of the issues that I monitor.

Henrik-Keith-Hansen   Henrik Keith Hansen, Independent consultant, former editor-in-chief and head of TV News DR

Henrik leadership and management specialities are: Creating and implementing visions and strategies, creating and leading the fully convergent newsroom, organizational development, change management, branding of company identity and key values, communication strategy, workflow and editorial procedures, recruiting, HR and staff development, coaching, feedback.

Workshop 2: New horizons - Terrorism & Security

Caroline-Neil   Caroline Neil, Managing Director, on behalf of RPS Partnership Ltd

Caroline is an experienced trainer and security and risk management consultant, who has trained UK and foreign journalists both in the UK and overseas. She brings over 27 years of experience and has worked in South America, Africa and the Middle East, providing training and security advice for a broad range of media organisations oil, mineral and infrastructure multinationals, as well as international charities, NGO’s and Governments. She is the former Head of High Risk Security at the BBC.

She began her career in the military and 17 years ago, she moved into the security-training and operations sector, where she started by training journalists to work in hostile environments. Since then, she has pioneered hostile environment training for the media and also trained numerous corporate clients in personal security, risk and travel management security; including kidnap and ransom and crisis management seminars and anti surveillance training packages for investigative journalists.

Workshop 3: Facebook Live

Mark-Egan   Mark Egan, EBU Academy faculty member

Mark is an experienced media professional with expertise in training and new ways of working both in television and multi-media environments. Prior to starting his own production and training company, he worked for 12 years at the BBC across a range of programming from documentaries to news and entertainment and helped roll out video journalism across the company.

Workshop 4: Viral media - how to reach a big audience on Facebook

Brendan-Miller   Brendan Miller, EBU Academy faculty member

Brendan Miller is the Digital Development Editor of BBC Three. He has made numerous online videos for the channel as well as the Financial Times and fact-checking charity Full Fact.

EBU Members' cases

Innovation successes in News


Yle plus - Gamification by Ville Juutilainen, Journalist

Ville Juutilainen is a journalist specialized in data-driven stories, visualization and new forms of storytelling. Juutilainen works at the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) data and interactives team in Helsinki. Juutilainen has covered topics such as the Finnish health care reform, housing market and the migrant crisis, and created immersive stories taking advantage of technologies like virtual reality.


Avrotros by Gijs Rademaker, Presenter / pollster

Gijs Rademaker is a journalist, pollster and presenter for the Dutch TV-news and current affairs programme EenVandaag ('One Today'), aired by broadcasting company AVROTROS. EenVandaag is the best watched, highest rated news and current affairs programme on Dutch television. Apart from its news coverage, EenVandaag is unique for its public opinion surveys. Every week, Rademaker and his team bring the latest opinion polls related to events that dominate the news.


RTS: Nouvo News by Amélie Boguet, Chief video producer

Amelie Boguet, 38 years old, is working for the RTS (French-speaking national TV Switzerland) as the Chief video producer of the project Nouvo – a project of News information for digital natives on the social media. Nouvo explores new forms of storytelling and produces News video in five languages (French, German, Italian, Romansh and English). She was journalist for the 19h30 International newsroom (2003-2008) then for the Society and Culture section (2008-2014). In 2014 and 2015, she was the TV editor for the Political shows (votations and federal elections) and developed new concepts, like the TV program “Ma Parole” - political debates between politicians and citizens. She also presented the news on television as alternate (2005-2010).

Innovation successes in Training


SVT: the skills blog by Christina Johannesson, Head of future competence

Christina Johannesson is Project Manager for Future Competences at the Swedish broadcaster, SVT. The role was created to support the digital transition at SVT News and Sports, and contributes to the change in attitudes and competences in the newsroom.


RUV Academy by Thora Margret Pálsdóttir, Head of Human Resources

Studied Psychology (work- and organizational psychology) at the Freie Universität in Berlin and coaching at the Deutsche Psychologen Akademie. I am Head of Human Resources at RÚV with the main task to implement the company strategy for talent development, effective teamwork and leadership. Earlier I was Head of Human Resources and Communication at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Iceland. Main task was transformation from traditional University culture to innovative and vibrant international research Environment. My vision at work is finding the added value and empowerment for leaders and staff.


LRT Academy by Jolanta Tarasevičienė, Head of International Relations

After finishing Vilnius University as a journalist I started to work at Lithuanian Radio and Television. I was a producer and a host of several radio and TV programmes, did few documentaries and international co-production projects. Since 2002 I am The Head of International Relations Department, coordinate LRT international contacts, work with the EBU and other European institutions, foreign Embassies and culture centres in Lithuania, arange international training for LRT employees.

Innovation successes in Programme


ARD-Audiothek by Nils Meinzer, Referent, Radio Bremen

Nils works at the head office of Radio Bremen’s programme department. He is a member of the project management team that currently develops a new mobile audio application (“ARD Audiothek”) for the German public radio stations. The app “ARD Audiothek” offers innovative ways to discover and listen to the best radio documentaries, dramas, comedies and talks produced by the German public service broadcasters.


EBU: semantic data & sports by Jean-Pierre Evain, Principal Project Manager, EBU Technology & Innovation

Jean-Pierre is the EBU's leading expert on metadata, semantic technologies and service-oriented architectures. He has been working with the EBU's Technology & Innovation Department since 1992. During his time at the EBU, Jean-Pierre Evain has been central to many significant developments in media technology. He is the co-author of several key EBU metadata specifications, among them the flagship EBUCore metadata set for audiovisual content. A graduate of France's École Nationale Supérieure de l'Électronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA), Evain's pre-EBU career took him to the research and development laboratories of France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom.


Ina: VR reporting by Cédric Baud, Film director / Journalist

French journalist and film director.
Interactive designer.
Trainer at the INA (National Audiovisual Institute) in Journalism and New medias department.

Day 2: Innovate, the way forward

Keynote: Beyond the article, frontiers of editorial and commercial innovation by


Kevin Anderson, International media and communications consultant, Ship's Wheel Media

Journalism leader and innovator with extensive experience with local and global news organisations including the BBC, The Guardian and Gannett.

Kevin brings extensive newsroom experience with the BBC, The Guardian and Gannett, including more than five years of management and leadership experience. He currently is the founder and principal of Ship’s Wheel Media, a full-service consultancy providing training, consulting and content services for clients around the world. His clients have included WAN-IFRA, YLE in Finland and the EBU Academy, the training division of the European Broadcasting Union.

Session 6: CEO challenges to implement innovation


Maria Rørbye Rønn, Director General and CEO, DR

Joined DR in 1995 and was appointed director general/chief executive officer in 2011 after being appointed interim director general in 2010. DR is a public service broadcaster financed by a media license fee. DR delivers 6 TV channels, 9 radio channels and a content site at with TV, radio, and News. DR’s Concert Hall is home to 3 orchestras, 5 choirs and hosts approx. 400 performances yearly. DR reaches 95% of the Danish population weekly. DR has 3,300 employees.


Lauri Kivinen, Director General and CEO, Yle, Finland

Lauri Kivinen is the CEO of Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, since 2010. The company´s tasks, operation and financing are defined by law. Yle has four national television channels and three channel slots, six radio channels with several regional radio stations as well as a diverse output of online media services. Before moving to Yle, Mr Kivinen held various senior roles within the Nokia Group between 1988 and 2010. He was Head of Nokia's Brussels representative office in 2004-2007 and global Head of Corporate Affairs at Nokia Siemens Networks based in Munich in 2007-2010. Lauri Kivinen holds a Master of Business Sciences from the Turku School of Economics after studies in Finland and Switzerland.

Session 7: Innovations/predictions that are going to impact your job


Pierre-Nicolas Schwab, RTBF

Dr. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab is in charge of Big Data / online personalization at RTBF, the French-speaking public broadcaster in Belgium. He holds a MSc in Material Science, MBA in strategy and a PhD in quantitative marketing. He’s affiliated as senior researcher with the Solvay Brussels School of Economics. As external consultant Pierre-Nicolas has carried out some 70 assignments in various industries (retail, telecom, e- and m-commerce, media, IT…), combining his passion for data and qualitative methods to better understand customers’ behaviors.


Ian Ravenscroft, Digital Guerrillas, BBC Three

Ian is a writer, producer, and digital creative working as a development AP at BBC Three.

He works in the development team at BBC Three producing new, boundary-pushing social video content. He develops video series that engage young audiences with issues that matter to them, in a format they will watch and share. He was a member of the BBC Digital Guerrillas content innovation team where I developed and produced innovative content for young audiences across the BBC.


Pieter-Jan Rombaut, Enterprise Architect, VRT

Pieter-Jan is a digital native born creative in engineering disguise. He started out as an audiovisual engineer, started doing projects and am now active as an enterprise architect. Our focus is strategy & roadmaps. Are we doing the right things right? Using trends, user feedback, business analysis & company mission we try to map out what new capabilities & technology our storytellers need to do the job. We plant the seed of change by including everyone from the start.


Frank Lemmens, Manager Enterprise Architecture & PMO, VRT

Frank Lemmens has nearly 25 years of experience in the world of ICT. During the last 15 years he was responsible for different ICT and enterprise architecture teams. Due to this responsibility he often was a member of the ICT management teams at those companies. He has a lot of experience with the creation of ICT masterplans and roadmaps. Inclusive the governance of putting these projects into reality. Currently he is the manager of the Enterprise Architecture and PMO team within the VRT and responsible for the development of different roadmaps.


Location: Radisson Blu Royal Astorija hotel, Vilnius

Date: 05 - 06 Oct 2017

Register by: 29 Sep 2017


Working Languages: English


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All participants are responsible for their own accommodation during the Assembly. A block booking has been made at the following hotels:

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