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Eurovision ACADEMY Assembly

Connecting Broadcasters' Macro vision with its Micro reality

EBU Heads of Training & Development and International Relations, came and joined us for the 8th EBU International Training Assembly in Mainz.

This year's focus was How to translate and support your Broadcasters' strategy into Training plans, projects and actions.


46 participants / 33 EBU members from 24 countries

Customer satisfaction: Entirely satisfactory: 68% / Very satisfactory: 16%

Learning outcomes

(Quotes from participants)


Quote from participant

There was a good balance of the day: morning with presentations and afternoon with workshop.

Workshops were very good... I came out of the workshops with tips and tricks to take home.

A better overview of what's happening in European media and training

Avoir une vision plus large du monde de la télévision à travers les expériences conduites dans les autres pays européens. Diversité des contextes, des organisations mais convergence sur des problématiques de fond concernant notamment la formation professionnelle.

Sharing experiences & solutions

To hear other broadcasters reporting their situations and the way they coped with problems. Inspiring !

Enhanced networking: find out who can help or share experiences; shared experiences & projects; learn others' training needs and help identify our organisations needs.

Quote from participant


Content outline

DAY 1: Connecting Broadcasters' Macro vision with its Micro reality

  • Session 1: Decipher the Broadcasters' strategy
  • Session 2: Connect micro reality to macro vision
  • Workshop 1: Personal Branding or How to enhance employability
  • Workshop 2: Talents house or How to find new creative ideas for TV programmes
  • Workshop 3: VRT profiling or How to stimulate the energy of an entire staff
  • Workshop 4: Proactive Training as a response to business needs. The Hutton case : from a CD ROM to the BBC School of Journalism

DAY 2: EBU International Training activities

  • Steering Committee report
  • Digital content & audiences : How to combine the digital evolution with an audience hooked on new trends
  • The cross-disciplinary project on Digital Newsrooms


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ZDF, Mainz, Germany