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Euroradio Concours de Jazz

Le Concours de Jazz Euroradio vise à encourager, promouvoir et rendre les jeunes musiciens connus dans des ensembles de jazz...

The Euroradio Jazz Competition aims to encourage, promote and make known young musicians in jazz ensembles through recording sessions, broadcasts by Member organizations of the European Broadcasting Union and by providing them with the possibility of performing on stage at concerts as part of internationally renowned festivals.

Euroradio Members are invited to submit recordings from the two previous years by young jazz musicians age 30 and under. 

The jury selects five finalists ensembles to compete during a half-hour set for the Euroradio Jazz Competition Award, with the winner invited to play at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. 

Finals of the 2014 Euroradio Jazz Competition will take place on July 6 at the Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). 

The finalists (announced on 6 May 2014) are: 

- FIYLE: Kadi Quartet
- GBBBC: Roller Trio
- SESR: Filip Jers Quartet
- SIRTVS: Gregor Fticar Trio


Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

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Marie-Cécile Billoux


North Sea Festival