8th News & Technology Seminar

8th News & Technology Seminar
News studio at RTBF Headquarters (Courtesy of RTBF)

The News & Technology seminar is designed for delegates from both editorial and technical backgrounds. The focus will be on demonstrating and discussing how EBU members can make the best creative use of technical innovations and share best practices and solutions.

The 8th News & Technology Seminar will take place in Brussels, Belgium, at the kind invitation of RTBF. The two day meeting will begin on Tuesday 10th May and close at 16:00 on Wednesday 11th May.

Among the topics expected to be discussed and demonstrated are:

  • 360 Degree Camera
  • Enhanced Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Workload, Training and News Technology
  • Data Journalism
  • ECG validation project
  • HBB 2.0 TV
  • Newsgathering Tools
  • Transfer to Mobile
  • New Generation “Connected Cameras”

There will be a wide range of expert speakers and panelists as well as tours of the RTBF and VRT Newsrooms.

About the previous seminar

Last year 110 members attended the News & Technology seminar in Hamburg, to the kind invitation of EBU's German members ARD.



Day 1

 How SVT sees 360 in the future - Johan Wahlberg – Head of Distribution Strategy (SVT)  Membres seulement
 Using 360 for storytelling - Filip Fastenaekels (VRT)
 Zillah Watson - 360 VR News, a new way to tell stories - Zillah Watson – Editor, BBC Research & Development  Membres seulement
 Lost in mobile - Why newsrooms should focus on the phones and look past - Mika Rahkonen - Head of Development / Media Lab News and Current Affairs (YLE)  Membres seulement
 News in Video - The mobile challenge - Nathalie Malinarich - Mobile Editor BBC News 24/7 (BBC)  Membres seulement
 Newsgathering Tools - Which new tools are the most useful for News? - Morwen Williams - Head of Operations, Newsgathering (BBC) and Geoff House - Location Engineer, Newsgathering (BBC)  Membres seulement

Day 2

 ORF In-House Workflow & Toolkit to create new content from Open Source Data - Jakob Weichenberger - Data Journalist, News & Current Affairs (ORF)  Membres seulement
 Verification Network & Social News Gathering the EVNs - Anne-Marie Lupu - News Editor (Eurovision)  Membres seulement
 The EBU UGC Verification Network – an appraisal after 18 months - Michael Wegener - Head Content Center (ARD)  Membres seulement
 New features in HbbTV 2.0 - Klaus Merkel - Senior Engineer (IRT)  Membres seulement
 Practical HbbTV 2.0 Projects - Bettina Heidkamp - Head of Innovation Projects (RBB)  Membres seulement
 Workflow & Workload - How Technology is changing the way we work - Morten Brandstrup - Head of News Technology (TV2)  Membres seulement
 Workflow & Workload - How technology is changing the way we work - Robert Strand - Founder, Chief of Innovation, Wolftech Broadcast Solutions AS  Membres seulement
 Connected Cameras - The new generation - Morten Brandstrup - Head of News Technology (TV2)  Membres seulement
 Eurovision News - IPush and M2M Platform Update - Paul Calleja - News Technology Development Manager (Eurovision)  Membres seulement


 Subway bombing  Membres seulement
 Subway Bombing 2  Membres seulement
 Report Moedlhammer  Membres seulement
 Klimakarte  Membres seulement
 Tschernoby ZiB100  Membres seulement
 ZIB100 video  Membres seulement

Session Video

 Introduction - Benoit Balon-Perin  Membres seulement
 Introduction - Sarah Ward-Lilley  Membres seulement
 The view from BBC - Zillah Watson  Membres seulement
 Panel Discussion - Geronimo Akerlund  Membres seulement
 Lost in mobile - Mika Rahkonen  Membres seulement
 Welcome - Jean-Paul Philippot  Membres seulement
 Data Journalism Q&A  Membres seulement
 HbbTv2.0 - Roland Warmbein  Membres seulement
 HbbTv 2.0 - Klaus Merkel  Membres seulement
 Hbbtv 2.0 - Bettina Heidkamp  Membres seulement
 Connected Cameras - Morten Brandsrup  Membres seulement
 Connected Cameras - Tom Cocker  Membres seulement


Adresse: Rue Colonel Bourg 6, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium


Date limite d'inscription: 01 mai 2016

Membres seulement


RTBF has kindly negotiated a preferential rate at Hotel Metropole.

EUR 158.28 per person per night.
Deadline for special rate is 31 March 2016.
Booking details are available during online registration. 


RTBF Headquarters
Rue Colonel Bourg 6
1030 Brussels, Belgium