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Big Data Conference 2018

Invest in change now to thrive tomorrow: this third edition of the Big Data Conference aims to provide participants with takeaways to target the right investments required and carry out relevant data strategies for the media sector. [View the Agenda]

Staying true to the EBU Big Data Initiative's multidisciplinary approach, the conference brings some of the most renowned experts from industrial, legal, marketing, policy and academic backgrounds. Discover how to target the right investments and implement data strategies for public service media with the insights of leading experts from across the EBU membership as well as other media organizations and industries.

Key Topics for this year's big data conference include:

  • Creating an appetite for data-driven strategies across organizations
  • Rethinking the organizational chart to mobilize the potential of data
  • Helping staff buy into big data strategies
  • Using new measurement metrics to support programming and production
  • Helping newsrooms embrace the potential of data journalism
  • Offering users fully personalized services
  • Catering for the specific needs of younger audiences

We are proud to announce the following speakers, with more to come!

  • Noel Curran, EBU Director General
  • Fernand Gobet, Professor of Decision Making and Expertise, Department of Psychological Sciences at Liverpool university
  • Carl-Johan Nakamura, Chief Data Steward at IBM
  • Katz Kiely, 'transformation expert' and CEO of BEEP
  • John Burn-Murdoch, Senior Data Visualization, Financial Times
  • John Carr, Executive Board member, UK Council of Child Internet Safety
  • Leendert de Voogd, project director Social Intelligence & Analytics, IPSOS
  • Gunilla Ohls, director of Strategy & Business Development, YLE

Who should attend?

Directors and heads of digital, marketing, legal and communications in media organizations, as well journalists and editors, data scientists, researchers and policymakers.

EBU Big Data Week

The conference ​is ​part ​of ​our wider Big Data Week at the EBU. ​It ​will ​be ​preceded ​by ​a ​data ​journalism ​workshop ​for ​EBU ​Members on the morning of 28 February ​​and ​followed ​by the "Media Innovation in the age of AI, social media and fake news" conference ​organized ​by ​the ​Ecole ​Polytechnique ​Fédérale ​de ​Lausanne ​(EPFL) and MediaRoad on 2 March. All events will take place at the EBU's Headquarters in Geneva.

Workshop on Data Journalism – 28 February

On the morning of 28 February, a specialized workshop on data journalism for EBU Members will address what needs to be done to make the best of data journalism in our newsrooms, and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Media Innovation in the age of AI, social media and fake news - 2 March with EPFL and MediaRoad - Agenda available here

To close the third edition of the EBU Big Data week on 2 March, the "Media Innovation" Conference, co-organized with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne – a major European research institution – and the innovation-centric MediaRoad project, will explore how stakeholders in the media sector can take advantage of the latest data-driven innovations and research results to enhance the media experience for the end-user.

In particular, the following aspects will be in focus:

  • The future of media services requires a strong and steady flow of innovation; how can research institutions and the academic world help?
  • Fake news has become a major issue in the age of digital information: how can media institutions respond?  
  • How do you leverage Artificial Intelligence and data to offer better content?

The conference will gather key experts from the research and media technology ecosystem, from professors to labs, startups and innovative media technology companies, including the following speakers:

  • Pierre Vandergheynst, Vice-President for Education at EPFL
  • David Mowrey, VP Offering Management at IBM Watson Media
  • Jacques-Edouard Guillemot, SVP at Nagra Kudelski
  • Nicola Frank, Head of European Affairs EBU
  • Julia Bayer, Social Media, Deutsche Welle
  • Dr Hans Hoffmann, Head of Unit on Media Fundamentals and Production technology EBU
  • Steve El-Sharawy, Head of Innovation, EzyInsights
  • Prof. Robert West, EPFL
  • Alain Dufaux, Director MetaMedia Center EPFL
  • Matteo Sorci, CTO nViso
  • Jean-Sébastien Merieux, CEO Dartfish 


EBU Headquarters
L'Ancienne Route 17A
1218 Grand-Saconnex


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The MediaRoad project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761412.


  • 2. Keynote - How to make AI benefit all Citizens - Fernand Gobet Connectés seulement
  • 3. Keynote - The Business Accelerator - Chief Data Office instituted in 100 Days - Carl-Johan Nakamura Connectés seulement
  • 4.2 - Implementing big data strategies - Annick Deseure Connectés seulement
  • 4.3 Intelligence transformations - Linda van Dijk Connectés seulement
  • 4.4. From Data to Science - Xavier Valentini Connectés seulement
  • 6.2. NHS Tracker - Christine Jeavans Connectés seulement
  • 6.3. Municipality Radar - Teemo Tebest Connectés seulement
  • 7.1. How to get started with a data journalism project - Mirko Lorenz Connectés seulement
  • 7.2 Starting A (Data) Journalism Project - the RAI experience - Alberto Messina Connectés seulement
  • 8.2. Are Elections still predictable? - Leendert de Vogt Connectés seulement
  • 8.3 Computational Propaganda - Vidya Narayanan Connectés seulement
  • 8.4. Data, Elections, Polls and Democracy - Arturo Di Conrinto Connectés seulement
  • 11. Unleash Human Potential, Unlock Productivity - Katz Kiely Connectés seulement
  • 12.1 How mature are EBU members when it comes to digital analytics - Jente de Ridder Connectés seulement
  • 12.2 Culture is the New Black - Gunilla Ohls Connectés seulement
  • 12.3 CRM – digital personalization - Emilie Nenquin Connectés seulement
  • 12.4. The role of data in (marketing) organizations - Ashely Friedelin Connectés seulement
  • 14. The right content, at the right time, to the right person, on the right device - Michael Barroco Connectés seulement
  • 14.1. Personalizing Digital Radio - Paolo Casagranda Connectés seulement
  • 14.2. Personalised radio - bursting the bubbles - Henrik Tornberg Connectés seulement
  • 14.3 Growing a data science team - Joan-Isaac Biel Connectés seulement
  • 14.4 MANGO and PEACH - Anselm Eickhoff & Rasha Hasbini Connectés seulement
  • 15. PEACH - Sébastien Noir Connectés seulement
  • 16.1 EBU Member Sign-in Services - Alexandra Brenkman Connectés seulement
  • 16.2 Lessons learned from implementing an SSO at RTBF - Pierre-Nicolas Schwab Connectés seulement
  • 17. Revamping Measurement - Alexandra Brenkman Connectés seulement
  • 18. EBU Digital Transformation Initiative - Ezra Eeman Connectés seulement
  • 18.2. MediaRoad - Nicola Frank Connectés seulement