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Digital Transformation Initiative: Sharing and Learning Workshop

After a first successful workshop in Brussels on September 21, the Digital Transformation Initiative is launching a second workshop to bring together a new group of digital, innovation and strategy leaders from EBU Members to share perspectives on the digital transformation journey and to come to a better understanding of the process of restructuring and transforming PSM.

This new workshop, will take place in Brussels, on February 5, and serves to further build a common understanding of digital transformation at public service media. The workshop aims to include new perspectives from Members at different stages of transformation in order to refine the initial framework of goals and enablers that came out of the discussion of the kick-off workshop as documented in the initial report from the Digital Transformation Initiative: Learning from Public Service Media in Transformation.  

Members who are interested in participating in this workshop or future activities of the Digital Transformation Initiative can contact Head of Digital, Ezra Eeman (, for more information.


Adresse: EBU Brussels

Date: 05 févr. 2018

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Langues de travail: English

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Ezra Eeman
Head of Digital