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AI in production and distribution workshop

Kindly hosted by the BBC at its Manchester facility, this AI and Data Initiative workshop will explore how AI is changing the media landscape and where media organizations are finding potential to leverage the technology. The event is open to EBU Members.

The workshop addresses strategic decision makers and practitioners, as well as editorial and technical experts in AI matters – those who have to deal with and evaluate the use of AI in their organizations.

Our presenters will take a look at specific use cases, such as AI in the newsroom, and address opportunities and practical difficulties in using AI for media creation, distribution and consumption. The workshop also explores ethical frameworks for the use of AI, AI in the context of PSM values, and best practices for business metrics and KPIs applied to AI.

Topics on the agenda

  • AI in production and distribution
  • Challenges and opportunities for AI and public service media
  • How do machines learn and make decisions?
  • How can we build accountable and trustworthy AI?
  • What are key requirements for AI in the context of public service media values and ethics?
  • How do we make an organization AI ready?