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Children's Documentary Series 
The Eurovision Youth Documentary Exchange assists in the production of high-quality, original, true-life documentaries for an audience of 10-to-12 year olds...
Erfurt Pre-school Item Exchange 
Educating, teaching, entertaining…

Children's Drama Series 
The Eurovision Children’s Drama Series assists in the production of high-quality, original dramas for an audience of 6-to-9 year olds...
Echange d'actualités jeunesse 
L'échange d'actualités pour les jeunes est un échange multilatéral quotidien mis en place par l'UER...
New Neighbours 
"New Neighbours" is about people who had to leave their home and try to integrate into a new neighbourhood
Gens des villes 
La vie citadine pluriculturelle moderne et décrivant un patchwork coloré de personnes vivant dans de grandes villes européennes...

Generation What? - Europe 
GENERATION WHAT? – EUROPE is the international version of a successful French format developed by independent production companies Yami2 and Upian for France Télévisions.  This transmedia format combines...
Emission de télévision
Eurovision Song Contest's Greatest Hits 
As part of the EBU’s celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, the BBC will be hosting a special event showcasing some of the very best songs from the competition in Eurovision Song Contest's Greatest Hits.
Voices of Fear 
VOICES OF FEAR is a 25-minutes documentary film series about racism, homophobia, xenophobia and anti-Semitism...
The Road to War 
WORLD WAR I remembered by those who witnessed it...