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Junior Eurovision: More than just a TV show

Junior Eurovision: More than just a TV show
Junior Eurovision Executive Supervisor Vlad Yakovlev (l) with Chief Online Editor Luke Fisher (r)

The 13th Junior Eurovision Song Contest airs in 17 participating countries this Saturday night (21 November) but it's more than just a television show. A team of volunteers from all over Europe are supporting the event providing content for social media and the show’s official website

Luke Fisher is the event’s Chief Online Editor and runs the team who are passionate about their work and know every fact you can think of about not just Junior Eurovision but the Eurovision Song Contest as well. They come from 10 different countries including Spain, Sweden, Hungary, The Netherlands, Belgium and Russia.

So what is the key content they think works?

“The whole concept of the content is inclusion, so that the young people who can’t be here can still feel they are,” Luke explains.

“So our most important content is covering the rehearsals with articles, video and photos. These give an indication of how the songs will look on the stage, as well as the enormous scale of the production going on behind the scenes.”

Press conferences are streamed online to bring the fans worldwide closer to the event. And content is also distributed across a variety of platforms including the EBU’s own website and various social media including Instagram and Snapchat.

“This also allows fans to ask questions to their favourite singers, via Twitter for instance. So even though this is a huge event, reaching even Australia this year, it can also bring it straight into people’s homes and mobile devices as they are walking to school.”

So what does the team love most about their job?

For most of them it doesn’t feel like work, it’s just so great to be in Sofia and part of the atmosphere. As Luke explains: “The whole event is just a great celebration of nationalities and cultures. And the childrens’ enthusiasm just infects everyone else.  It all makes you believe so strongly in the role and work of public service broadcasting.”

Junior Eurovision Song Contest Official Website


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