VIDEO TALKS publié le 11 mai 2022

The unique potential of music archives

Just one look at the list of recordings available in EBU Members’ vaults, and there is an immediate sense of the huge potential this material has. Music milestones, anniversaries and birthdays all need great content, and where else to find it but in our archives? This session showcases some inspiring initiatives and shares best practices of mining the vaults.


The BBC radio and music archives —  Claire Coss and Elaine O’Shea Phillips (BBC)
Archives at the Metropolitan Opera —  Grace Row (Metropolitan Opera)
Uncovered gems the Studs Terkel Radio Archive —  Allison Schein Holmes (WTTW, WFMT, Studs Terkel Radio Archive)


Laurent Marceau, Editor, Live Music & Projects, Popular Music, EBU (moderator)
Jérôme Badini, Producer, France Musique, Radio France
Claire Coss, Head Of Product for BBC Archive
Elaine O’Shea Phillips, Lead Curator for Radio and Music, BBC
Grace Row, Audio Producer/Musical Advisor, New Works, Metropolitan Opera
Allison Schein Holmes, Director of Media Archives, WTTW, WFMT, Studs Terkel Radio Archive