VIDEO TALKS publié le 20 oct. 2022

Connect: AI super powers (Media Catch)

Drawing on their experience of delivering audio and video-based AI solutions across both commercial brands and public service media, MediaCatch will awaken your inner futurist and offer thought-provoking perspectives on what AI will do to the media industry – and how you might exploit the creative business potential offered by this pivotal 4th industrial revolution technology. Mixing own cases with best practice examples, Cæcilie and Carsten will offer actionable insights into:

  • Why you should embrace AI and start experimenting today
  • What experiments might look like, with examples from the media industry
  • How to spot areas/processes ripe for AI innovation in your organization

Carsten Lakner (Media Catch)
Cæcilie Bach Kjærulf (Media Catch)

Événement: Journées Médias 2022