Digital Transformation Initiative

Helping Members drive digital transformation


Digital transformation is not a distant buzzword. It is a growing reality for more and more public service media (PSM). New technology, increasing connectivity and data, non-traditional competitors and changing audience behaviors are forcing public broadcasters to rethink how they can create value and stay relevant to their audience.

Many of the EBU’s Members are at the crossroad of transforming themselves from broadcasters into interactive, social, multiplatform media organizations that offer audiences a more personalized, user-led and interactive experience of their content. While there is a strong rhetoric for digital transformation it is not always clear how it has to be executed, given the fact that digital transformation affects the core of PSM (content, audiences, values) and requires foundational change (organization, systems, culture) as well as a good understanding of new technological opportunities.

As a response to this challenge, the EBU has launched a cross-departmental Digital Transformation Initiative to provide Members with tools and insights that can help them to understand and implement the process of restructuring and transforming PSM. This high-priority Initiative will be driven by EBU Members and the EBU's Media Department with the full support of all the EBU’s Technology & Innovation, Legal, Media Intelligence Service and Public Affairs and Communications teams.


Led by the Digital Media Unit in the EBU Media Department the Digital Transformation Intiative will seek to:

  • Build a shared understanding of goals and enablers for digital transformation at PSM and communicate related EBU services.
  • Help Members assess their digital maturity and capabilities for digital transformation.
  • Develop new services, strategies and recommendations that address digital transformation needs.
  • Create a hub of digital transformation knowledge and help members identify and aquire new digital skills.

These 4 pillars aim to make EBU a trusted guide and companion assisting Members drive digital change as well as establish a new network of peers and a centralized point of documentation and insights on digital transformation.

Check this page regularly for updates on upcoming DTI workshops or events as well as reports, toolkits and documentation on digital transformation. Members who are interested in taking an active role in this initiative can contact Head of Digital, Ezra Eeman, for more information. 

Dernières actualités

08 FÉVRIER 2018

Digital Transformation to 'Inspire, Educate and Empower'

The Digital Transformation Initiative took a significant step forward with this week’s workshop in Brussels.


Digital strategists talk transformation at Brussels workshop

Digital, innovation and strategy leaders from 12 different EBU Members came together in Brussels this...

Details du contact

Ezra Eeman
Head of Digital
+41 79 376 8758
Dr. Sasha Scott
Digital Transformation Initiative Research and Project Lead
+41 22 717 20 15

EBU Workgroup

  • Ezra Eeman, Digital Media
  • Dr. Sasha Scott, Digital Media
  • Hans Hofman, Technology & Innovation
  • Hélène Rauby-Matta, Academy
  • Justyna Kurczabinska, News Exchange
  • Konstantina Bania, Legal
  • Roberto Suarez Candel, MIS
  • Alexandra Brenkman, MIS
  • Nicola Frank, European Affairs
  • Madiana Asseraf, Media Strategy
  • Graham Dixon, Radio
  • Jeroen Depraetere, TV



Digital Transformation Initiative Status Report "Learning from Public Service Media in Transformation"

EBU Digital Transformation Initiative Workplan (.PDF) - Members only

More documents are also available for consultation and download on our showcase exchange platform. Please note that access to Digital Transformation Initiative content on is restricted to EBU Members only. If you’re having any trouble logging into the platform or downloading documents, please send an email to