This year, our Academy and Human Resources assemblies will be combined into one event. This is an exciting opportunity to leverage our expertise in both Human Resources (HR) and Learning and Development (L&D) so that you get the most time and cost-efficient experience from the EBU. As usual we will be exploring challenges that public service media organisations face in acquiring talent and developing skills, with a special focus this year on going mobile.

We invite senior executives from EBU Members' HR and L&D departments to join us for our annual assembly. Delegates will have the opportunity to network and exchange best practice, tools, solutions and new ideas. A detailed agenda will be available soon.

Going mobile

The 2018 EBU Academy and HR Assembly, moderated by Jan Wifstrand, will explore how deeply the mobile shift has permeated society - how it affects what content we produce and the way we work. 

Going mobile has a lot of implications for HR and L&D. It presents great opportunities for attracting young and digitally savvy candidates, for assessing the level of digital skills of staff, and for supporting the workforce with mobile applications which allows more flexible work arrangements. It also entails helping staff disconnect from the job in a 24-hour connected world while using data collected through applications for predictive analytics.

Programme Overview

Day 1 - Thursday 11 Oct

Common Sessions

9:00 to 9:15 - Welcome by RAI & introduction

9:15 - 10:00 - Keynote by Alessandro Biscaccianti, Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech.: "How mobile is changing the world"

18:45 to 22:00 - Dinner at Casina Di Macchia Madama

Academy Sessions

10:00 to 11:15 - SESSION 1: Mobile for real, user experiences & industry development

  • From news gathering to photography, the newsroom of today is mobile!
  • BBC digital video and mobile division
  • Classical music with a digital twist - Use of music apps, tablets and smartphones to make music

11:45 to 12:45 - SESSION 2: Mobile in action

  • Building Instagram stories
  • Crash course on mobile photography
  • Mobile journalism in minutes
  • Shooting an interview with a mobile phone

14:30 to 17:15 - SESSION 3: The learning afternoon (participants can join 2 workshops)

  • Mobile stories
  • Social videos
  • Fake news
  • The tips, apps and skills to grow your social audience
  • How mobile training is changing the way we learn, and how we develop different types of training content
  • The future of news: AI, visual data journalism, interactive stories

17:15 to 17:45 - SESSION 4: EBU Academy Programmes

  • 3 things you need to know for 2019

17:45 to 18:00 - SESSION 5: Election of the EBU Academy Committee Members

Human Resources Sessions

10:00 to 11:15 - SESSION 1: Change management in the digital world & talent attraction

  • How to attract young and digitally savvy candidates / Millennials and new ways of working or the way we will work in 2025 and beyond

11:45 to 12:45 - SESSION 2: How to assess skills

  • Attracting young talent and recruiting for the future challenges at RÚV
  • Assessing current and future skills

14:30 to 15:45 - SESSION 3: Mindfulness and other ways to disconnect

  • How and why it works: the capacity of mindfulness to change brain structure and function (neuroplasticity) in ways that reduce stress and build mental resourcefulness
  • Findings on the impact of the mobile shift and constant connectivity on mental and physical health
  • How HR can make mindfulness accessible and practical as a means of reducing digital connectivity related stress

16:00 to 16:30 - SESSION 4: Mobile applications & flexible working schemes: absence management

  • Working from home and other flexibility allowed by going mobile
  • Social dialogue

16:30 to 17:15 - SESSION 5: Data analysis & management

  • GDPR and predictive analysis / Going mobile and the cloud

17:15 to 17:45 - SESSION 6: How mobile applications change the way we learn and assess the outcomes of the learning

17:45 to 18:00 - FINAL SESSION: Election of the HR Committee Members

Day 2 - Friday 12 Oct

9:00 to 11:00 - SESSION 6: Mobility, agility and new work environments

  • Keynote by Emmanuelle Léon, Professor at ESCP Europe: "Workplace (r)evolution, the death of the office?"
  • "Work is something I do, not a place I go" by Clark Elliott, Architect + Workplace Strategist
  • Mobility and activity-based work environments from VRT and RTS Campus projects

11:30 to 12:30 - FINAL SESSION: Keynote on change management by Kary Bheemaiah, Director of Research at U Change 

12:30 to 12:45 - Closing

12:45 to 14:00 - Lunch

19:00 to 21:00 - Optional visit in English of the Vatican Museum, seats are limited to 40 people (first come, first served)


All participants are responsible for their own accommodation.


Via Pio IV 6
00165 Roma
Tel +39 06 393731
(Instructions to get there)


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  • From newsgathering to photography, the newsroom of today is mobile - Mark EganConnectés seulement
  • BBC Digital video and mobile division - Jonathan PatersonConnectés seulement
  • Classical music into the digital mix - Matthias KrebsConnectés seulement
  • Crash course on mobile photography - Mark EganConnectés seulement
  • Mobile Journalism in minutes - Philip EganConnectés seulement
  • SSR mobile stories competition - Sven WältiConnectés seulement
  • Rai mobile strategy - Gian Paolo TagliavaConnectés seulement
  • Social videos - Brendan MillerConnectés seulement
  • ARD: Tagesschau - Christian RadlerConnectés seulement
  • Tips, apps and skills to grow your social audience - Mark Egan and Justin KingsConnectés seulement
  • NOS micro learning - Helèn BaarsConnectés seulement
  • Datajournalism - Linnea HepplingConnectés seulement
  • Newsgames and stories - Ville JuutilainenConnectés seulement
  • EBU Academy programmes presentation for 2019 - EBU AcademyConnectés seulement
  • "Work is something I do, not a place I go" - Clark ElliottConnectés seulement
  • RTS mobility project - Nathalie jaquetConnectés seulement
  • Changing the change management - Kary BheemaiahConnectés seulement
  • VRT Campus Project - Katia AertsConnectés seulement
  • HR Assembly_Gamelearn - Vincent RauserConnectés seulement
  • HR Assembly_Attracting young talent RUV - Thora Margret PalsdottirConnectés seulement
  • HR Assembly_Data Analysis and management - David RaedlerConnectés seulement
  • HR Assembly_Mindfulness and other ways to disconnect - Pamela PowersConnectés seulement
  • HR Assembly_Social Dialogue - Christel GoossensConnectés seulement
  • HR Assembly_Assessing current and future skills - Virginie LundConnectés seulement
  • HR Assembly_Mamaging multiple generations - Charles DonkorConnectés seulement