EBU Kids workshop - Cultural Programmes for Kids (previously RTVSLO workshop)

In 2020, the EBU is facilitating thematic and project-based workshops for the EBU Kids community.

Now that most of our Members are back to 'business as usual' (or the 'new normal'), we'd like to bring back the discussion we'd initially planned to have in Slovenia, although it'll be slightly shorter and held virtually.
We will combine a first part in which we will listen to some of the presentations initially planned for our March workshop with a second part discussing how we can collaborate in cultural programmes for children.

This virtual workshop will begin at 9:00 CET. Invitees will find the link to join the webinar inside their email invitation

Topics for discussion include

  • Inspiration and trends in cultural and factual programmes for kids
  • Successful case studies, stories and approaches in this area – what works?
  • Project pitching and collaborative discussion

Target audience

  • Heads of kids programming, children's content executives or commissioners
  • Discussions will be relevant for colleagues working on all platforms (digital/TV/audio)


  • Although all EBU Kids Members are invited to join, this workshop is specifically designed for colleagues who have ‘Education & Culture’ as one of their three top priorities for engaging with children, as well as Members interested in common projects


 Little Bees - Anka Bogataj (RTVSLO)  Membres seulement
 Little Bees - Anka Bogataj (RTVSLO)  Membres seulement
 Hot Pot - Rahela Stefanovic (HRT)  Membres seulement
 Hot Pot - Trailer - Rahela Stefanovic (HRT)  Membres seulement
 Hot Pot - Home Alone - Rahela Stefanovic (HRT)  Membres seulement
 Hot Pot - Mistery Box - Rahela Stefanovic (HRT)  Membres seulement
 Hot Pot - The Final Prank - Rahela Stefanovic (HRT)  Membres seulement
 Summer Challenge - Lucie Neradova (CTV)  Membres seulement
 Summer Challenge video 1 - Lucie Nerádová (CTV)  Membres seulement
 Summer Challenge video 2 - Lucie Nerádová (CTV)  Membres seulement
 Summer Challenge video 3 - Lucie Nerádová (CTV)  Membres seulement
 NTR School.tv - Erik Appleman (NTR)  Membres seulement
 The Hunt for the Forgotten History - Ulrika Tofft (UR)  Membres seulement
 Krivopetniki - Lucija Travcar (Rai, Slovenian Prog. Unit.)  Membres seulement
 Krivopetniki video 1 - Lucija Tavcar (Rai Slovenian Programme Unit)  Membres seulement
 Krivopetniki video 2 - Lucija Tavcar (Rai Slovenian Programme Unit)  Membres seulement
 Content collaboration - Kids World News - Borbála Koltai-Kiss (MTVA)  Membres seulement
 Content collaboration - Kids Portrait - Andrea Basílio (RTP)  Membres seulement
 Content collaboration - This Is Me - Anka Bogataj (RTVSLO)  Membres seulement


Adresse: Virtual Meeting


Sur invitation uniquement


Madiana Asseraf-Jacob
Head of Business Development and Young Audiences
+41 22 717 2230