ACTUALITÉ publié le 16 sept. 2014

Eurovision TV fiction experts vote for YLE's teen comedy-drama #lovemilla

A drama-comedy for young teens created by EBU Member YLE Finland has been voted winner of the Eurovision Creative Fiction Formats on the opening day of the annual Eurovision Creative Days event in Berlin (15 September).

#lovemilla, packaged as a 70 episode-three season series was singled out from a field of 10 original formats on themes ranging from criminal and short drama, to family and historical fiction.

Trailers were presented to around 45 television executives from the EBU television community by the producers, who in turn fielded audience questions about the format’s development.

The five-minute episodes have attracted more than two million views on YLE Areena, five million views on Facebook, and more than a million views on YouTube from a teen target audience in Finland of less than 200,000.

Liselott Forsman, EBU Head of Fiction Bureau and YLE Executive Producer of International Fiction Projects, congratulated producers Riikka Takila and Jani Pösö on their win. Ms Forsman, who did not participate in the vote, said the outcome highlights the growing interest among fiction-makers in creating three-to-six minute formats attractive to younger audiences.

“This format is a winner on many levels,” Ms Forsman said. “The themes are universal, the format can be adapted by EBU Community Members everywhere, it attracts young audiences, making it truly deserving of the description ‘format’. Today has seen many creative new ways to combine public service ideals with new fiction forms. The EBU is the only forum in Europe to provide a platform through which public service fiction formats can be traded and exchanged.”