ACTUALITÉ publié le 07 oct. 2014 • Département / Unité Radio Média

Belgian cellist wins 2014 New Talent competition

The winner of the EBU sponsored 2014 New Talent competition is Franco-Belgian cellist Camille Thomas.

The 26 year old enchanted jury members with her interpretation of Shostakovich's Cello Concerto No. 1, at the Reduta Slovak Philharmonic Concert Hall in Bratislava (8 October).  

The territory of awards is not new to Ms Thomas who was also named by the French-Grammys ‘Les Victoires de la Musique’ as Newcomer of the year 2014, winner of the Seventh Antonio Janigro International Competition, the Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe String Competition, the Edmont Baert Competition and the Léopold Bellan Competition. She has also been awarded the Prix Berthier of the AMOPA.

The three finalists selected for the annual competition, jointly organized by Slovak Radio and the Slovak Philharmonic-Bratislava Music Festival, in order of appearance were:

  • Dominik Plocinski, cello, Poland
  • Niklas Liepe, violin, Germany
  • Camille Thomas, cello, Belgium

New Talent is a European competition for instrumentalists under the age of 28 and singers under the age of 30 and is organized by the EBU on behalf of International Music Council (IMC). The contest aims to encourage and promote young musicians through the organization of public concerts broadcast by Euroradio Members. Eight semi-finalists are then selected by an international jury, with three finalists admitted to the last round.