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EBU Members increase solidarity for NTU

EBU Members increase solidarity for NTU
Anna Pihl - Danish drama series

Partnership Programme: EBU Members Danish Radio and TV2 Denmark each offer 52 hours of TV programmes to Ukrainian Member NTU.

NTU is facing challenging reforms and is in urgent need for programmes. German Member ARD recently provided programme support, and now Danish Radio DR and TV2 Denmark are stepping up offering a total of 104 hours of TV programmes.

Some of the programmes include drama series "Taxa", "Island Cop", "Anna Pihl" and "The Defenders”. The Danish foreign ministry supports the action and will cover dubbing costs into Ukrainian.

International media consultant and former Managing Director of TV DR Bjoern Erichsen said "Rich public service media should help poor public service. It is as simple as that. Good TV-drama travels the borders, as well as sport and music. Danish TV drama has had major success during the last decades. Let us share it with our Ukrainian colleagues and audience." 


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