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Eurosonic Festival announces 2017 lineup

Eurosonic Festival announces 2017 lineup
2016 Eurosonic Festival in Groningen

Roll on, Groningen! The first names for the next Eurosonic Festival (11-14 January 2017) have now been confirmed.

Some 27 EBU radio organizations are on board, supporting 30 up-and-coming acts to perform at this annual rock/pop event in the Netherlands. They range from Hare Squead, three 18-year-olds from Dublin who mix R 'n' B, hip-hop, soul and pop, and FlexFab, a beatmaster from French-speaking Switzerland specialized in electro hip-hop, to the Viagra Boys, a post-punk band from Stockholm, and the Bulgarian heavy metal group Der Hunds.

The complete list of participating Euroradio broadcasters and the acts whom they have selected is given below:

Inner Tongue (ORF/FM4) – Austria

Mustii (RTBF/Pure FM) – Belgium

Warhaus (VRT/Studio Brussel) – Belgium

Der Hunds (BNR) – Bulgaria

CR/Radio Wave (group tba) – Czech Republic

IRAH (DR/P6 Beat) – Denmark

Noëp (ER/Raadio 2) – Estonia

Alma (YLEX) – Finland

Baptiste W. Hamon (Radio France/FIP) – France

Drangsal (ARD) – Germany

Roosevelt (ARD) – Germany

Bohemian Betyars (Petöfi Radio) – Hungary

Glowie (RUV/RAS2) – Iceland

Hare Squead (RTÉ/2FM) – Ireland

Joan Thiele (RAI/Radio 2) – Italy

Bandmaster (Latvijas Radio/Radio 5) – Latvia

Cleveland (ERSL/Radio 100.7) – Luxembourg

Tepes (TRM Radio Moldova Muzical) – Moldova

Indian Askin (NPO/3FM) – The Netherlands

Anna of the North (NRK/P3) – Norway

Marta Ren & the Groovelvets (RTP/Antena 3) – Portugal

Stray Dogg (RTS/Radio Belgrade One) – Serbia

Jakob Kobal (RTVSLO/Val202) – Slovenia

Prisa Radio/Los 40 Principales (group tba) – Spain

Viagra Boys (SR/P3) – Sweden

Rein (SR/P3) – Sweden

Damian Lynn (SRF3) – Switzerland

FlexFab (RTS/Couleur 3) – Switzerland

Be Charlotte (BBC/Radio 1) – United Kingdom

Ward Thomas (BBC/Radio 1) – United Kingdom



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