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Eurovision ACADEMY Assembly

The Assembly is the essential meeting for Training & Development leaders in Public Service Media.

Content outline

The programme is organised around the following theme:

How do Public Media remain relevant and distinctive in the digital age?

Public Media have to keep their content relevant and trustworthy in a media landscape characterised by the diversification of sources and distribution platforms, the fragmentation of audiences, the need to be mobile and instantaneous, as well as the recurrent budget cuts.

In order to face the financial and legitimacy challenge, broadcasters are exploring avenues such as:

  • In-depth internal transformation through self-initiated change processes
  • The use of social media platforms to build new video and audio content and increase two-way communication with their public.
  • Marketing and branding efforts.
  • Re-thinking the role of Public media journalists including news curation, data journalism, mobile journalism and new forms of investigative journalism.

Learning outcomes

Quotes from the participants

Quote from participant

Radio Bremen case study: very well presented, thought provoking, interesting, good use of multiple presenters
and visual aids.

Networking, the well-chosen subjects

Stories/presentations about change projects and "human resources project + mangement: it gives us
ideas for our own management tasks.

Examples which inspire our own projects (like SR mobile project); insights into methods of change
management (HH's "8-step" presentation"

Bon équilibre entre les activites et ateliers des 2 journées (...)

The meeting itself: not only as such but also info on the field of training (...)

Contacts, réseau, rencontre et partage d'information et d'expériences. très bien organisé; accueil parfait de la TRT.

Discussion about branding is very important.

Quote from participant



Heads of Training & Development, Heads of International Relations,
Managers in charge of Talents, Strategy and Change management,
from EBU Members and their partners as well as other Media organizations and professionals came to the Assembly.

Some numbers

23 speakers, from 10 nationalities
44 participants, from 22 nationalities

Overall satisfaction rating: 41.7% excellent / 55.6% very good

Speakers Team
speaker photo speaker photo speaker photo
Ibrahim Sahin
Director General, TRT (TR)
Henrik Keith Hansen
Director, HKH Communications (DK) & Trainer, EBU Training
Stephan Van Lierde
Director of Human Resources, RTBF (BE)
speaker photo speaker photo speaker photo
Jan Metzger
Director, Radio Bremen (DE)
Brigitta Nickelsen
Head of Business Development & Resources, Radio Bremen (DE)
Marcello Bonventre
Head of the Digital Garage Team, Radio Bremen (DE)
speaker photo speaker photo speaker photo
Martin Poole
Media and Brand consultant, Sway Media (UK) & Trainer, EBU Training
Jonathan Stoneman
Consultant, Stonemedia People (UK) & Trainer, EBU Training
Yves Ménestrier
Executive Director
Media & Society Foundations (CH)
speaker photo speaker photo speaker photo
Oltea Catineanu
Head of the Training Unit
Nathalie Labourdette
Head of EBU Training (CH)
Gill Parker
Project consultant
EBU Training
speaker photo speaker photo speaker photo
Hélène Rauby-Matta
Business Development Manager
EBU Training (CH)
Olaf Steenfadt
Independent Strategy Consultant (DE)
Anne Morrison
Director, BBC Academy (UK)
speaker photo speaker photo speaker photo
Delphine Wibaux
International Projects Manager, Consulting Department, Ina Expert (FR)
Mesut Ertanhan
Head of Training
Yasar Kefeli
Sports Channel Deputy Coordinator
speaker photo speaker photo speaker photo
Eric Soulier
Director Mediterranean & Asia
John Maguire
Director of International Affairs
Marja Heinonen
Head of Development, News, Current Affairs, Sport, Regions
speaker photo speaker photo  
Marika Rennerfelt
Trainer, SR (SE)
Ahmet Böken
Editor-in-chief, TRT news channel (TR)



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