POSITION POLITIQUE publié le 04 févr. 2022

Digital Services Act — EBU priorities for trilogue negotiations

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The EBU finds that the Digital Services Act (DSA) has the potential to establish a consistent rulebook for global online platforms with strong safeguards for media freedom and pluralism. EBU research shows that 100% of the 50 public service media organizations surveyed find use of social media platforms either important or very important, highlighting the crucial role that platforms play towards media. As trilogue negotiations have started, the EBU underlines that the DSA can achieve its objective of creating a safer, more transparent and accountable online environment by:

  1. Making platforms accountable to media freedom and media standards
  2. Increasing online safety and transparency
  3. Securing sector-specific laws and Member States’ prerogative
  4. Ensuring the effectiveness of the DSA’s rules

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