Prioritisation Uncovered: The discoverability of public interest content online workshop

London School of Economic’s researcher Eleonora Mazzoli and Associate Prof Damian Tambini will join us for this workshop and present their recently published study prepared for the Council of Europe’s committee of experts on Media Environment and Reform.

In their study, Eleonora and Damian examine content curation practices like up-ranking and prioritisation used by distributors of audio/audiovisual content, such as connected TV operators or online platforms. These practices have repercussions on users’ routes to content, i.e. how audiences access and find content.

Eleonora and Damian provide a normative framework for any future regulatory interventions concerning (appropriate) prominence, clarifying important concepts and outlining implications of current industry practices for fundamental rights, above all the freedom of expression and media pluralism.

They finally call on policy-makers to address the challenges arising from content curation and prioritisation practices, including through regulatory measures ensuring prominence of public interest content. 


 Report "Prioritisation uncovered. The Discoverability of Public Interest Content Online" - Eleonora Maria Mazzoli and Dr. Damian Tambini (Researcher and Associate, London School of Economics)  Members Only
 Presentation to EBU Members - Prioritisation Uncovered, A Report on the Discoverability of Public Interest Content Online - Eleonora Maria Mazzoli and Dr. Damian Tambini (Researcher and Associate, London School of Economics)  Members Only



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