ACTUALITÉ publié le 27 janv. 2016

Independent and pluralistic PSM a ‘barometer’ of respect for rule of law in Western Balkans

The EBU has highlighted the link between well-functioning public service media (PSM) and respect for rule of law in the Western Balkans during a specialised working group of the European Parliament.

Invited to present EBU Partnership Programme activities in the region on 26 February, EBU President Jean-Paul Philippot said: “Public service media has made progress in several Western Balkan countries over the past ten years. Via the Partnership Programme, the EBU has provided comprehensive support, embracing strategic, legal, managerial, editorial, programming and technical assistance.”

“Transition from state-owned to genuine public service media is nevertheless a long-term and challenging process. The state of PSM funding and independence is in many regards a barometer of progress towards democracy and respect for rule of law.”

“The legal framework in Serbia and Montenegro has significantly improved and has had a positive effect on programmes and content. The positive example we can draw from Montenegro shows that a legal framework which matches European standards and an appropriate level of funding enables our members to develop and improve rapidly. However stable funding remains an issue in many countries, in particular in Bosnia-Herzegovina.”

Under the Partnership Programme, the EBU provides tailored assistance to Members in particular need of strategic consultancy, training and political representation and mediation.  Programme activities are undertaken in partnership with the broadcaster concerned in a spirit of solidarity, often with the support of the Eurovision ACADEMY and other EBU departments, fellow EBU Members and external organisations.

The Working Group on the Western Balkans brings together 13 MEPs who are presenting reports to the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs. These annual reports cover the state of play regarding the road towards EU membership of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. MEPs have frequently stressed in previous reports on the Western Balkans that independent and sustainably-funded PSM are closely linked to a pluralistic and diverse media environment, as well as respect for rule of law and effective fight against corruption.


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