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Radio Ensemble Seminar

Athens (photo credit: telegraph.co.uk)

The next EBU Radio Ensemble Seminar will be held in Athens, Greece, at the kind invitation of ERT on 22-23 March 2018, thereby marking the rebirth of the Greek public broadcaster as well as its ensembles: the National Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of Contemporary Music and the ERT Chorus. Practical information can be found here. The EBU Music Group's subgroup organizing the Seminar is made up of Tuula Sarotie (YLE, Finland), Paola Carruba (RAI, Italy), Maria Kopana (ERT, Greece), Susanne Vongries (BR, Germany) and Edward Blakeman (BBC, UK).

The Radio Ensemble Seminar is open to all staff members of an EBU broadcasting organization who work regularly with radio ensembles (orchestras, choruses, big bands, folk ensembles, etc.). These can be administrative directors of radio ensembles, programme heads (radio, television, Internet), directors of music, heads of music exchanges, persons in charge of marketing, music producers, sound engineers, etc. 

Since the first Seminar in 2004 in London, the media/music world has changed dramatically. Defining the distinctiveness of public service media is increasingly important. Among the key elements contributing to this distinctiveness are our radio ensembles.




Golden Age of Athens Hotel, 57 Michalakopoulou St., 11528 Athens


Golden Age of Athens Hotel, 57 Michalakopoulou St., 11528 Athens