On 31 January 2022, the Artificial Intelligence and Data Initiative (AIDI) put a spotlight on the multilingual national Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR) and their work on AI and data.

This event was the fourth instalment of our series of virtual visits of EBU Members focusing on their AI-related work. It was a great opportunity to discover how the SRG SSR is structured in the field of Artificial Intelligence and how this technology is applied in everyday production processes. From archives to online publications and scientific collaborations with universities, we got an overview of their most interesting active projects. Participants were invited to look for commonalities, opportunities for contributions, collaborations with SRG SSR, and to get to know their work and team members.


  • Introductory Overview of SSR SRG’s AI Coordination and Projects (Massimiliano Babbucci)
  • Managing Data: Issues and Governance (Christian Vogg)
  • Extracting Data in Facial Recognition, Archives and Text (Simone Comte)
  • Speech-to-Text for Low Resources Languages, including Swiss German Dialects (Damian Murezzan)
  • Collaborating with Universities on Sport Highlights, Avatars, Aesthetic Pictures and Beyond (Florian Notter)

Please contact Lalya Gaye for more information about how to attend this series of events if you are not an AIDI member.