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Artificial intelligence (AI) and data are central themes for public service media (PSM) today, especially when it comes to strengthening and personalizing relationships with its citizens.

Well adapted AI and data strategies can help PSM organizations in many different ways including understanding cross-platform audiences, creating powerful data journalism stories, enhancing the audience experience, boosting content creation via data-driven editorial production and programming, streamlining business processes, and identifying new products and services to offer.

The AI and Data Initiative is a cross-disciplinary exploration of the opportunities and challenges of AI and data in PSM, including regulatory aspects, technologies, organizational matters, skills, strategy and content developments.

The initiative serves as a hub for all sorts of AI and data related questions. Our team works together with a number of other services at the EBU, and in particular our Technology & Innovation Strategic Programmes. The initiative also helps make the voice of our Members heard on a European and global level by taking part in public consultations.

 Policy Positions on AI and Data

This transversal initiative driven by Members provides, among other things, regular community discussions, quarterly micro-workshops, and educational opportunities, with the aim to share knowledge and best practice, integrate efforts, and collaboratively identify needs and priorities. Register for our events:

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EBU Academy provides training for media professionals on AI and Data:

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AI and Data Group
The EBU's AI and Data Group defines the AI and Data Initiative strategy and priorities to support EBU Members' data usage and AI and data driven strategies.


Find here various EBU publications on the topic of AI and data, including our annual AIDI report, which provides practical guidelines to our members and report on our activities.

26 FEBRUARY 2021
Artificial Intelligence Research Review

Artificial Intelligence Research Review Members Only

The AI Research Review is a curation of publications about media and artificial intelligence in top industry...

AI and Data Initiative 2020: Embracing Change

AI and Data Initiative 2020: Embracing Change Members Only

The advent of AI and data in the media industry has posed a range of challenges to EBU Members while...

19 NOVEMBER 2019
News Report 2019 - The Next Newsroom: Unlocking the Power of AI for Public Service Journalism

News Report 2019 - The Next Newsroom: Unlocking the Power of AI for Public Service Journalism

In this EBU News Report of 2019, we examine what the fourth major wave of digital transformation means...

Past Events and Presentations

View our previous events and presentations here, including talks from industry experts and academics on topics ranging from fake news to recommendations.

14 APRIL 2021
AIDI Micro-Workshop on Applied Ethics

AIDI Micro-Workshop on Applied Ethics

AIDI and the BBC organized a micro-workshop on Applied Ethics

09 FEBRUARY 2021
AI for Content Creation

AI for Content Creation

A cross-disciplinay event on AI for content creation, by AIDI and the EBU Media and T&I departments

01 DECEMBER 2020
AIDI Micro-Workshop: How to Foster Collaboration

AIDI Micro-Workshop: How to Foster Collaboration

AI and Data Initiative micro-workshop on how to foster collaboration