Digital Steering Committee

The EBU Digital Steering Committee contributes to guiding and driving the shift to digital in EBU Members. The Committee was installed in 2015 and is the principal steering body in the EBU’s digital media sector. It works in the interests of all Members, by:

  • Recommending the strategy and objectives of the EBU Digital Unit within the Media Department and overseeing these activities according to a jointly defined workplan.
  • Helping the EBU to identify the strategic challenges that impact the production, distribution and innovation of PSM digital content, products or services. 
  • Representing EBU Members’ interests in all digital content strategy and production matters by producing recommendations for the EBU to formulate shared positions and engaging in mandated discussions with third parties.
  • Encouraging and involving all EBU Members in the production and sharing of digital content.
  • Monitoring and supporting members in digital transformation and translating Members’s needs into proposals for EBU services.

The current Committee was elected at the 2018 EBU Media Summit in Brussels and has formulated a new strategy to move forward and create a bigger impact within all existing genres and platforms in Media.

The next meeting of the EBU Digital Media Steering Committee will take place online in autumn 2020.


Committee Members


João Pedro Galveias (RTP)

Vice Chairs

Neil McIntosh (BBC)
Anne-Paule Martin (RTS)


Aoife Byrne (RTE)
Ignacio Gomez (RTVE)
Simon Gooch (SR)
Denisa Kollarova (CT)
Tuyet Nguyen Canry (RTBF)
Mika Rahkonen (YLE)
Anvar Samost (ERR)
Eric Scherer (FTV)
Patrick Weinhold (ARD)

Contact detail

Ezra Eeman
Senior Manager Digital, Platforms and Transformation
+41 79 376 8758