NEWS published on 28 Oct 2020

Southeast Europe news regional exchange marks 20 years

Southeast Europe news regional exchange marks 20 years
ERNO Online news production workshop - 2016

The Eurovision News Exchange for Southeast Europe (ERNO) marks its 20th anniversary on 1 November 2020.
The regional network with a Coordination Office in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was established in 2000, with the help of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, Finish Public Broadcaster YLE, and the EBU. The aim was to boost regional cooperation and provide TV material from and about Southeast Europe to all EBU Members.
ERNO embraces 11 EBU Members from Southeast Europe: Albanian Radio-Television RTSH, Radio-Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina BHRT, Bulgarian National Television BNT, Croatian Radio-Television HRTV, Hungarian Television MTV, Radio-Television of Kosovo RTK, Macedonian Radio-Television MRT, Radio-Television of Montenegro RTCG, Romanian Television TVR, Radio-Television of Serbia RTS, and Radio-Television Slovenia RTVSLO.
ERNO members have exchanged more than 25.000 news stories so far. The regional cooperation includes the exchange of more than 50 documentaries, documentary co-productions and 10 series of feature stories. More than 300 media staff have been trained by ERNO in cooperation with the UN, UNESCO and European Commission.
During the 20 years, ERNO has been reinforcing cooperation between the public broadcasters in the region, and strongly contributing to the development of quality news production. ERNO together with the EBU is a consortium partner for the implementation of an EU funded program for Technical Assistance to Public Service Media in the Western Balkans. 
"We are especially proud of the fact that we managed together to establish a strong network of media professionals from public services in Southeast Europe always ready to help each other despite all the difficulties and challenges, thus increasing the free flow of information between the countries of the region, as well as between the region and other parts of Europe", Zeljka Lekic-Subasic, Head of ERNO Coordination Office says. In September 2014, Lekic-Subasic and ERNO received Dr. Erhard Busek - SEEMO Award for Better Understanding in South-Eastern Europe.
EBU Head of News and Deputy Director of Media Liz Corbin says “Our strength is in our richness and solidarity. It is of the interest of all our Members to have an intensive exchange of high quality news from all regions and corners of our Union. ERNO is supporting this exchange and makes sure that important news items from the SEE region are brought to the attention of all Members”

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