GUIDES published on 06 Dec 2018

Together - EBU Member Services Strategy 2019-2021

As our societies and the media industry change, public service media (PSM) are increasingly challenged by disruptive forces and tough questions. Never before have we witnessed such strong, diverse and persistent pressure marshalled against PSM organizations in Europe. Budgets are being reviewed and cut, remits challenged and narrowed, and the ability to expand audiences and exploit technological innovations hindered.

But at the same time, public service media have an unprecedented opportunity to target new audiences, to really demonstrate engagement with citizens and customize offerings to address real issues. Now is also the time for public service media to excel as the trusted provider of news and high-quality content amid the incessant influx of noise from dubious sources.

We at EBU Member Services are fully aware of and embrace the responsibility that comes with our position. Our new strategy lays down our commitment to supporting our community of Members and delivering services that help you address immediate challenges, navigate through digital transformation, secure your future and thrive. We are also committed to ensuring that solidarity – a founding ethos of our Union – is actively promoted and effectively put into practice.

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