GUIDES published on 19 Nov 2020

News Report - Fast Forward: Public Service Journalism in the Viral Age

2020 has been a year for both reinvention and rediscovery.  Public service media (PSM) reinvented itself with lightning speed to ensure it was there for audiences when it was needed most. And audiences, in turn, have rediscovered public service media, turning to it in huge numbers for trusted news and information.

We want to harness the energy and drive demonstrated by all our Members to build a better future together – ensuring we continue to work in solidarity to keep audiences informed, educated, entertained but also connected in the face of a virus that drives us apart.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have been a time for reinvention, but it has also been a time to remind us exactly why we are here in the first place, who we serve, and the value we offer society both now and in the uncertain times ahead.

Download the report to learn how public service media are tackling polarisation, fast change, trustworthy news, remote newsrooms, digital transformation, European PSM solidarity and more.