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Webinar on Climate Journalism - It's Urgent!

Hardly a day has gone by this summer without news of some extreme weather somewhere in the world. Climate and natural disaster reporting in many newsrooms has been brought to the frontline, from destructive forest fires and evacuations in Canada and Greece to the Hawaii inferno and devastating floods across the U.S., South Korea, and California. This multitude of extreme weather events with dramatic consequences raises fears of what it will be like when the climate warms further.

July has so far been confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as the hottest month on record with unprecedented sea surface temperatures and record-low Antarctic Sea ice extent. According to the WMO extreme weather is the “new norm” and there is a high probability (at 66%) that global temperatures will exceed pre-industrial levels by 1.5 degrees for at least one year between 2023 and 2027. Added to this, America’s National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration announced the arrival of El Niño, a climate pattern that also raises global temperatures.

When we published the EBU News Report Climate Journalism That Works, at the start of this year, we had not imagined what the coming months would have in store and how fast the report recommendations would be put to an unprecedented test.   

Climate reporting is not a choice, it is urgent! So how did we report on the issues this summer, what has worked, and what can be done better?

We invite you to a webinar discussion with Dr. Alexandra Borchardt, EBU News Report lead author; Dr. Michael Sparrow from the World Meteorological Organization; Katherine Dunn from the Oxford Climate Journalism Network (OCJN), Jhoanna Lou Albano from GMA News, one of the four winners of the climate journalism strategy from South-East Asia, organized by International Media Support in Denmark, and Henrik Grunnet, senior advisor at International Media Support. 
Justyna Kurczabinska, Head of Eurovision News Strategy, will moderate the webinar. 

This EBU webinar is prepared in collaboration with Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism; the WMO and International Media Support.


Alexandra Borchardt

Author of the 2024 News Report

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Katherine Dunn

Co-author of the EBU News Report 2023, Journalist, Oxford Climate Journalism Network

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Michael Sparrow

Head, World Climate Research Division, World Meteorological Organization (Switzerland)

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Justyna Kurczabinska


Head of News Strategy and Transformation, EBU (Switzerland)

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Jhoanna Lou Albano

Editor, GMA News Online

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Henrik Grunnet

Senior Advisor, International Media Support

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Anand Ram

Senior Producer, CBC (Canada)