Kids News Group (YNE)

The Kids News Group (YNE) community is an active network of dedicated professionals producing children’s news programmes all around Europe and beyond.

Usually daily or weekly, the children's news programmes (8-14 age group) cover news and current affairs from the child’s perspective, in an understandable way. They clarify the context and background on national and international events and give children the tools to understand the world around them.

The main objective of Kids news is to empower children with knowledge, in a society where the news is reaching them anyway, to allow them to grow up as mindful and responsible adults and citizens. Followed by a faithful audience, often watched and discussed in schools, these kids’ news programmes are also watched by adults who appreciate the clear and structured explanations.

In addition to exchanging knowledge and best practices, this network also exchanges news items. In accordance with the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (Art. 17) ensuring the right of being informed, these active Members are communicating every day on the topics they will report on that day and exchange news items on a reciprocal basis.

The EBU Kids News Group (also known as YNE) is part of the Eurovision News Exchange, drawing on the newsgathering resources of more than 70 EBU Members, sublicensees and media partners worldwide, providing EBU members with round-the-clock access to live and edited news stories, as they happen, across the globe.

Look for the 'YNE' tag on the News Exchange website.

To access the latest Kids News Group material and to watch the recording of our last group meeting click here.

Group Members


Sonja Verbaarschott, Editor-in-Chief of the children’s news programme Jeugjournaal (NOS, The Netherlands)


Tina Antončič, Editor-in-Chief of the children’s news programme Infodrom (RTVSLO, Slovenia)
Carol Pujol, Editorial Manager of the children’s news programme Zoom (France Télévision, France)
Frank Sivertsen, Editor-in-Chief of the children’s news programme Supernytt (NRK, Norway)

Participating Broadcasters

ZIBZack (ORF, Austria)
Les Niouzz (RTBF, Belgium)
Karrewiet (VRT, Belgium)
CBC Kids News (CBC, Canada)
Zprávičky (CTV, Czech Republic)
Ultra Nyt (DR, Denmark)
Hajbo Nyheter (SVENSKA YLE, Finland)
Yle Mix (YLE, Finland)
Décod'Actu (France Télévisions, France)
Arte Journal Junior (Arte, France-Germany)
logo! (ZDF, Germany)
Krakkafréttir (RÚV, Iceland)
News2Day (RTE, Ireland)
Jeugdjournaal (NOS, Netherlands)
Supernytt (NRK, Norway)
Radar XS (RTP, Portugal)
Lilla Aktuellt (SVT, Sweden)
Infodrom (RTVSLO, Slovenia)
Newsround (BBC, United Kingdom)
Ffeil (S4C, Wales)

Contact detail

Anne-Marie Lupu-Morel
News Editor/Digital
+41 22 717 2028