Radio Ensemble Group

Approved by the Radio Committee, to whom it reports, the Radio Ensemble Group is made up of Member representatives forming a geographically balanced group of orchestra managers who are extremely active and vocal in their support of EBU radio orchestra activities.

The priorities of the Group, determined together with the EBU Head of Music, include the increasing interaction and alignment between classical music channels and radio ensembles, technological advances and digitization for media ensembles, diversity and inclusivity, how to touch new audiences of all ages, developing new strategies for new music and living composers, and data collection on important topics as determined by the Group.

The Group meets digitally once every 6 to 8 weeks and helps organize a Radio Ensemble Seminar twice a year, alternating between hybrid and fully online. A virtual Radio Ensemble Seminar was held on 10 June.

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Radio Ensemble Seminar - 10 June 2021

Group members

Christian Thompson, Chair, SR, Head of Artistic Planning, Berwaldhallen
Maria Kopana, Vice-Chair, ERT, Head, Music Ensembles Production Office
Michel Orier, Vice-Chair, Radio France, Director, Direction de la Musique et de la Création
Kim Bohr, DR, Chief Executive and Artistic Director, DR Koncerthuset, Ensembles & P2/P8
Roland Kieft, SOM, Managing Director, Netherlands Radio Choir and Orchestra
Ivana Kocelj, HRT, Head, Music Department
Rolf Lennart Stenso, NRK, Orchestra Chief Executive
Dominic Parker, BBC, Director, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Anselm Rose, DKU/RBB, CEO, Berlin Radio Orchestra and Choruses (ROC)
Christoph Stahl, WDR, General Manager, WDR Orchestras and Chorus
Liliana Staicu, ROR, Director, Orchestra and Choir Department
Bojan Sudjic, RTS, Artistic Director, Music Production/Chief Conductor, RTS Symphony Orchestra 

Contact detail

Monica Schütz
Community Manager
+41 78 641 70 20