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Helping public service media develop strategies to leverage the potential of big data

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Big data is a central theme for public service media today (PSM), especially when it comes to strengthening and personalizing the relationship with citizens.

Understanding cross-platform audiences, creating powerful data journalism stories, enhancing the audience experience, boosting content creation via data-driven editorial production and programming, streamlining business processes and identifying new products and services to offer: well-adapted big data strategies can help Public Service Media (PSM) organizations in many different ways.

This is why the EBU has launched a strategic ‘Big Data initiative’. This initiative is driven by EBU Members, and headed by EBU Public Affairs and Communications Director Guillaume Klossa, with cross-departmental support by the EBU’s Technology & Innovation, Media, Legal, Media Intelligence Service and Public Affairs and Communications teams.

Together, we are looking to help develop strategies, identify best practices and provide concrete recommendations in four specific areas.

  • The improvement of audience measurement techniques;
  • The implementation recommendation systems in line with PSM values;
  • The development of new content strategies tailored to audience behaviour and preferences;
  • The development of common EBU principles to meet data protection and privacy legal requirements.


These 4 workflows aim to foster exchange of skills, know-how and experience in all those areas, and to guide PSM in the implementation of data-driven strategies while staying true to the public service remits and values.

Check this page regularly for updates and feel free to sign up to our newsletter, which includes updates on upcoming EBU Big Data Initiative workshops, relevant external events, news on the latest technologies. Our members are also more than welcome to share their views and thoughts with the EBU big data community via the newsletter. You can read the latest edition and sign up here.


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23 Feb 2017
Big Data Initiative Report: Time to Invest
A review of the inaugural year of the EBU Big Data Initiative featuring recommendations for the future development of big data strategies by EBU Members

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