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NewsDeck is a real-time news-gathering tool operated by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). It aggregates, translates, and indexes content from participating members. Not only can users read everything in one single place, but they can read it in their own language. NewsDeck’s seamless interface makes it an essential tool for content producers working in public service media.

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How does NewsDeck work?

NewsDeck, formerly known as the European News Monitoring Tool, starts by ingesting content fed by participating members. Once the original language has been detected, NewsDeck translates it into English, the default language, and indexes it. The content is then translated into multiple different languages using EuroVOX, a tool developed by the EBU.

Editors and journalists can tailor their news feeds by following specific beats, keywords, or geographical areas. The content cannot be republished, but excerpts may be used for quoting as long as they are correctly attributed.

What do participants think of it?

“NewsDeck helps foster understanding and awareness amongst PSM across Europe and empowers journalists to transcend language barriers, helping them to bring more context and nuances to their audience. Currently, the tool brings together content from 18 countries and 26 sources. NewsDeck allowed us to learn the international dimension of what we thought would be a local story that resonated with our audience. It allowed us to discover the follow-up news coverage from a neighbouring country.” Jara Sizova, acting Editor-in-chief at

Who can take part?

All EBU Members participating in the Eurovision News Exchange and EBU Radio-only Members can take part in NewsDeck.

Participation is free of charge.

Other EBU Members, Associates, Approved Participants, and News Exchange Sublicensees may participate in NewsDeck upon approval from the News Committee and on the condition that they integrate their Content into NewsDeck.

Who is leading the project?

NewsDeck is a strategic initiative launched by the News Committee on behalf of all the News Exchange members.

How does NewsDesk plan to use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

NewsDeck is experimenting with AI to offer an AI-powered outline for every news story, so you can keep up with the news faster. We are determined to use AI to automate processes and improve accuracy so that journalists can focus on creating meaningful content, rather than completing less relevant tasks. Public service media are committed to using AI to respect fundamental rights, especially freedom of expression and information, enhancing cultural and social diversity.

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Luis Jimenez
News External Relations Manager & Digital News Lead

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We recently discussed Newsdeck's newest cutting-edge features, including how it uses ChatGPT and the release of the Constructive Algorithm, in a webinar.


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