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Radio Sport Specialized Meeting

This year's Radio Sports plenary meeting will provide radio sports professionals with the opportunity to meet and discuss various issues with editors, producers, heads of sports and international relations.

After a long "summer of sports" in which we had the pleasure to experience great football and cordial hospitality in Poland & Ukraine as well as 'happy & glorious' Games in London it is time to come together for a review of past events as well as for a look into the future!

As public radio broadcasters it is our task to inform and to guide our listeners and customers seriously through the whole world of sports.

But our business is becoming more and more complicated: In a more and more diversified and unclear sports and radio market with a lot of financial, technical and legal challenges it's hard to carry on making radio-sports coverage the 'usual' way.

So please take the chance to meet and to discuss with editors, producers, heads of sports and international relations at this year's radio sport plenary meeting!

This high-level, invitation-only event will feature contributions from  key players, including Gianni Merlo (AIPS President), Martin Roos (Director Summer Sports, Infront Sports & Media AG), Bernard Ross (Head of TV Production, UEFA Events), Daniel Wlochovski (Director of the Marketing Division, HBS) and others to be confirmed

Feel invited to come together and to take actively part in our programme which is well prepared by the EBU's Permanent Services Staff and the members of the EBU Radio Sport Group.


EBU, Geneva

Additional Event Details

For more information and to register, please contact Pasquier@ebu.ch