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Network Technology Seminar 2013

The EBU Network Technology Seminar is an essential annual rendezvous for broadcast experts dealing with specialized and IT infrastructure, as well as for IT network and storage specialists that deal with broadcast media content in production, contribution and B2B, and in primary distribution. NTS 2013 will cover the latest developments in this field and will focus on sharing the experiences of EBU Members through detailed use case presentations. It is a key meeting point for this community of experts and the industry.

This event is managed via the EBU Technology & Innovation website: tech.ebu.ch/nts2013

Looking back at NTS 2012

In a wrap-up session, SMPTE's Peter Symes was asked to share his impressions. He said he was convinced that the importance of this event "is increasing rather than decreasing, on one hand, for the broadcasters, understanding a great deal more about the capabilities, limitations and techniques. On the other hand the IT industry now recognises a lot more about the problems of dealing with high bandwidth signals."

EBU Head of Media Fundamentals and Production Hans Hoffmann said that for him it had been a surprising event: "What we've heard over the last two days is an order of magnitude more advanced that what we heard even last year. This was an incredibly important event and will continue to be so. The different parts of the puzzle are coming together to allow us to fully move to file-based IP-based systems. We will be able to deliver to a multiplicity of devices in the home, be it to the big screen for UHDTV, or for mobiles. This is something that the rendezvous between media and IT will deliver. A systems approach is needed. In this context this was a highly valuable two days."


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