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At the kind invitation of Rai, this year's EBU Radio News Conference is taking place at the historic radio studios in central Rome. This year’s conference is about a pillar of public service journalism: trust. We will ask scientists, communications and marketing experts and journalists to define trust and to identify strategies for nurturing trust in our news.

We will discuss strategies for Total Quality Management in the newsroom and hear how Members go about measuring the quality of their journalism.

We will be asking if we still have the resources to provide in-depth coverage of the big topics? Can reporters be trusted to use social media and the tools of data journalism to connect to the citizen and to uncover original stories?

How can journalists avoid ‘churnalism’ and cut through the spin from the public relations industry?

Public service newsrooms are struggling with competition from the internet, as well as pressure on budgets and resources. In an age when the public can find their news from a wide variety of sources, what makes them place their confidence in us?

This year's conference will include elections to renew the mandate of the Radio News Group for a further two-year period.

All EBU Members are invited to join the EBU Radio News Conference.


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Hotel Joli Roma
Via Cola di Rienzo 243
00192 Roma

Hotel Delle vittorie – 3 Star Hotel
Via Col di Lana, 24
00195 Roma

Hotel Clodio - 4 star Hotel
Via di Santa Lucia 10, 00195 Roma

Hotel Cicerone – 4 star Hotel
Via Cicerone, 55/C, Rome, Italy – 00193


Rai studios, Via Asiago 10, Rome, Italy

Event contact

Mike Mullane
Eurovision Media strategy
+41 22 717 26 03